Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dazzling Drops


People have been describing the beauty of these dazzling drops from time immemorial. Though not a topic new, it remained always attractive. So I too have tried my thoughts here.


The dazzling drops, your colour silver,
 As ambrosia, on us you shower.
Dance and glitter on our own ground
And shine on all the grasses around.

Glow and beam in flush of sunlight
As sparkling stones, with a smile, so sweet.
Sing a vibrant song when drizzling
And, cool and chilly water, sprinkling.

Stun, the startling figure of yours
With the spell of pleasant gorgeous drops.
 Form you abundant diamond stones
As bright pieces of  broken glasses.

Plays, the nature well , her violin,
On your brilliant strings vigorous.
 Fall the nonstop drops enchanting
As charming wires in way, slanting.
Children choose the sodden places
 To sail their lovely boats of paper,
You ever change the surroundings soggy
And they then of course turn very pretty.

 Resting umbrellas and all the  rain coats
Jump out of their boxes and cases.
And sometimes well, the plantain- leaves
Get, due to you, into peasants’ hands.

 Contain, the sand a scent appealing
 To smell it, people bend while passing..
You the lovely! Your feather, the wind
 Fly you in the sky to far off mountain.

With you, can play, none a game foul
As all their things, you destroy in fury.
 But extract the lovers, a feeling romantic,
Seek,  they when, a healing from fuss gigantic..

So rain rain, away you don’t go,
Come, you cutie, other days also,
Let little Ravi and Rani  play
With you, for they be happy and gay.




  1. Loved these lines.... you have added grace to the already beautiful drops

    1. Thank you very much.Rain has always been afascinating subject for verses.