Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Ultimate Step!

Asha, a twenty-four-year-old woman, thanked God when she obtained her appointment in a state government concern nearby. Soon a proposal for an alliance combating their fiscal as well as social status approached them and it got nodded from both the sides. The fiancé was a guy working in a public sector undertaking. Nuptials went on smoothly without any hitches or hindrances. After a year they also yearned for the most precious gift, which every couple desires subsequent to the nuptials.    
Deepak and Asha rejoiced and were on cloud nine because they succeeded in their venture of obtaining the parenthood.  The venture passed through a series of prolonged struggles for about eight years.  The trouble of pecuniary aspects also was not less since the treatment incurred a sizeable amount as it was in a high-tech hospital.  Eventually, God extended his altruistic hand and helped them grow a zygote in Asha’s womb. At each developmental stage of the fetus, the prospective parents were much anxious and excited. Seemingly the days seemed to be months and years because their patience waiting for two hundred seventy days between the conception and confinement exhausted every so often. 

Aha! The most cheery day dawned with the enthusing news, the news of emergence of a baby from Asha into this wide world of light and sound. The neonate was a male which they had yearned for much. The parents and grandparents found no bound to their delight, as the home was blessed with the tender one’s advent.

The baby passed through the metamorphic stages of toddling, prattling, speaking, walking, running and so on.  In between the naming ceremony, the first intake of cereal food, the first birthday celebration etc. climbed the pinnacles of pomp and show with a large gathering of near and dear. His every action filled their dwelling with joviality. As the toddler’s body and mind attained progress in growth, the parents’ greed also grew in progression. It seemed that their aspiration for a child was totally for their status-exhibition. They wanted to get accomplished through him, whatever they couldn’t achieve in their young age days. So they turned to be hard taskmasters and on such occasions, on no account, they recalled the plight of obtaining this highly prized beloved dear.
 The outcome was a tough and rough life for Nitin, which led him to be a wee lazy. He had to go for classical as well as instrumental music classes that fell in two days a week. Another day was earmarked for the visit of an artist that engaged him in painting. And the rest of the time home, he had to obey the orders of his textbooks and notebooks and thereby the teachers. As a result, the cheer-rendering free time went on diminishing for him along with the rotation of the Earth.
While his peers were at play in their own courtyards, Nitin had to meddle his head with incomprehensible art and music. He couldn’t enjoy the daylight or moonlight in a full-fledged manner. He had a large headed Jack tree in his compound which though, fell into his eyes, couldn’t grab his attention. Near the gate of his house stood on either side zinnia plants in rows. The flowers lurked to smile at him, but he didn’t heed to mind them. The butterflies hummed melodious tunes and nothing that sort attracted Nitin’s attention, as his day to day affairs started littering his sense. No dreams of his own were spun and he performed things on the script devised by his parents, just as the time in a clock that moves when the cell is charged.

Exams were true nightmares for him, for he knew he couldn’t satiate his parents with his grades that never transcend the level of ‘C’ or at the most ‘B’. All the ensuing exams used to spoil his sleep and quiet. He remained on the trial of achieving the best, keeping aside his laziness. But despite his hard work, his tensed mind did not act in his favour. And moreover, his anxiety too did not allow him to fare well in any of the exams.

Prior to the pre-boards, for days and nights together he used to keep his books open. So also long lay his bed without its master, for the master had to remain in the scary company of lessons. The first pre-board however took its track of exit after its destined stay in the school.

At the arrival of his teachers, his eyes scrutinized their hands well to see if any answer bundles entered the class along with them. For him, each bundle looked like a bomb, from which a slice would explode in his domicile at any time. As expected his grades took a stance of defaming him rather earning censures from his parents. The parents were the sort of people that never opened their coffer to expose their love. And moreover, their lingual organ was frequently in exercise, reproofing Nitin at his poor performance. One’s tongue can build and break relations and make or crack health spoiling the calm around. The entire thing used to stain the atmosphere.  So naturally, Nitin found in his parents two foes, who, he was scared of, to a larger extent.

A liar, who invented newer and newer methods, took birth in him for an escape from his parents’ situation-tarnishing tongue. His answer papers that came within his reach lurked between the recto and verso of his book leaves. They waited there for many days expecting an endorsement from Nitin’s parents.

The teachers had touched the lowest step of tolerance, for they were not given the chance of viewing his parents’ sign. Hence they had to continue threatening him to be taken before the Principal. However, the distribution date of the progress report landed on the anvil. Once it was at hand, he knew that there was no way to break away from the punishment.

 “Rebuke from the parents and reprimand from the teachers will make my day then,” was his thought.
He had not shown his answer scripts, which were still at slumber stage in his bag, “I am sure my parents won’t sign the progress report or papers. The answer papers the teachers are not so strict about. But the report card, umm, what can I do?” he pondered over the situation for a way to a flight from punishment.

“I will. sign… myself. O! No,… my class ma’am will …catch me. She..she is very clever.  I cannot delay further…..O, Not only that, my parents may go to the teachers.”  Nitin touched the zenith of his fret and fell in utter confusion.

 “ Nitin, ‘yes ma’am’,  what have you done in the exam? A fifth-grade child will do better than this,” the card came to his hand with that comment from the class madam, as anticipated.
All the thirty-nine pairs of eyes rapidly turned to him to read his face. He put his head down in shame and stood without looking at anyone.

“No shame on your part, no trial to improve. Going down? The principal won’t allow you to write the exam. We don’t want to spoil our school’s name.” the class teacher’s share of remarks further.
“The rest I will get from Amma (mom) and Achan(pop),”  he knew that turn by turn they would shower words of heavy weight on him.

“If I don’t show the report card, they will reach the school,” said he to himself.
Anyway, the card didn’t see the light in front of his parents that day. A couple of days passed and the third day he escaped with an excuse that his father was on tour. The teacher pardoned him for one more day with a warning to return it the next day itself with his mother’s acknowledgment.
“What to do! Further delay is difficult. The school may inform them over the phone,” Nitin was baffled. 

Every day Nitin is home by three, three-thirty or so and then after snacks and tea he strides to the tuition class. But that day the time trekked through four, five, six and seven o’ clock. Anxiety conquered the calm of his home, though the parents guessed that he might be in one of the friends’ house. A big commotion took place in that house; phoning repeatedly to school, the individual teachers, friends and other contemporaries, all in vain.  Phone calls from dear and near also flew to all the possible places. But none knew his whereabouts of that day and eventually keeping the prestige apart, the parents stretched their arms for the police aid. Immediately the complaint was registered and the police reciprocated. Two men from the force arrived at his house and questioned everybody around and no clue emerged out of anybody. The time, waiting for none climbed the step of nine at night. The policemen charily studied the situation, hunting for some clues.

At last inside a dictionary between the cover-bind and the first leaf, they came across a scribbled sheet, “ Dear Achchan and Amma, pardon me. I cannot get grades as you expect. I tried a lot, but impossible. I am not good at studies. I am not a good son.  I can do only this much.  I don’t know if I will pass. So I am leaving the place forever. Don’t inquire about me. Don’t worry also. Somewhere we will meet, I don’t know where.”

Nobody had any idea, as to his elope was purposeful and planned. The police could extract from his friends the fact that he had distributed his belongings like the pen, colour pencil, geometry box etc- his parents used to buy costly showy study articles for him- to his peers, who were scared to open the mouth in the beginning.

 The police could understand that a couple of days before he had mentioned about the depth of the backwater nearby. The friends used to quite often visit the bridge which was only one kilometer away from the school. They found pleasure at the sight of the water and sailors in the water.
 “How deep the backwater would be. If we jump into it, can we come back?” once Nitin had asked his pals. They thought he was joking.

The police made scrutiny of all the incidents, taken place prior to his flight and they arrived at an inference.  He might have jumped into the water, unable to bear the stress and strain of studies, loaded by the parents and the school.

The time kept on skipping from lower ranges to the higher and reached 11 o’ clock on the clock. The hour of six onwards the parents’ condition was becoming dismal, though they had mechanically allowed their phones to enter all the pathways.

The mother’s consciousness was at the edge of fading; a sort of melancholy reined fully the home. Father’s throat became reluctant to produce sounds and as a whole, a silence with some whispers and sighs heard around.

Then all of a sudden one of the police officers got a phone call which said a boy around fifteen years has been saved from drowning and admitted in an unconscious stage in the I C U of the hospital. The police and a relative of Nitin rushed to the hospital, where they identified the guy as Nitin.
Nitin after the admonition from the teacher went with one of his friends to the latter’s residence on the pretext that his parents’ would arrive late that day. At the same time, he had informed his own parents that he had a special class in the school. At about 6:30 his lower limbs pulled him to the bridge, where he stood rating his calibre,” Why should I be alive? I am good for nothing, getting rebukes from all sides. Nobody wants me here.  No, I shouldn’t live anymore.”
The decision of concluding and continuing his reside here debated with each other, the upshot was that in a half-minded mode he turned back. At that moment the signature and the report card reported to him his plight. He resumed position and again an uncertainty of ‘to do or not to do’ haunted him, but at last, he chose his own last, the ultimate step and jumped into the backwater.

A fishing boat with some fishermen sailed that way and sighted the boy sinking and rising in the water. They rowed the boat to the spot and risking their lives, they jumped and pulled the person. Without wasting any moment, he was given the required first aid and taken to the hospital.
The police people ushered the parents to their son who had not till then attained normalcy. With heavy hearts and angst-stricken minds, waited and waited the parents in the room. The time went on performing its duty with no delay and arrived at eight in the next morning. No expectant news penetrated through their auditory organ and hence losing the hope, Amma’s sense turned dim in spite of the succor extended by the clan. Achan somehow managed to save his self from collapsing.  Anyway the intense nursing attention brought mother back to sense, but was very weak.
Agony and anxiety stuffed the minds and they found it tough to kill time. Time seemed to crawl slower than a snail.

Unexpectedly an announcement “Nitin’s parents wanted in ICU”, turned people lend their ears for keen attention and quickly the parents were escorted to the ICU.
“Amma,Achcha,” whispered Nitin’s lips. His conscious condition, which was not expected at all, soothed the parents, wiping off their bottomless grief.

The parents very emotionally after one week,“O! Dear darling, you have taught a very high moral lesson not only to your cruel parents, but to numerous other parents like us. “

Saturday, February 23, 2019

എൻ്റെ കൊച്ചു ഗ്രാമം!

About the panoramic beauty of my village a few years back.

കേരളമാം മാമലയ്ക്കു
അരുമയാമനേക മക്കൾ 
ഹരിതഭംഗി  ചേലചുറ്റി
പെരുമപേറി   വിരാജിപ്പൂ.

പവിത്രമൊരു  സംജ്ഞയാണ് 
അഴകാമെൻ കൊച്ചുഗ്രാമം
മിഴിവോടെ സ്മിതം തൂകും.

കാടും  മേടും  തോടും  കുളവും
ചാടും പശുക്കുട്ടികളും.
ആടും  ശ്വാവും മാർജാരനും
കൂടുമെൻറ്റെ   ഗ്രാമത്തിങ്കൽ..

.പച്ചപ്പുല്ലിൻ  തകിടികളും
കച്ചി ക്കൂന തെങ്ങിനുചുറ്റും
കൊച്ചുപിള്ളേരോടും  കുന്നും
കാഴ്ചയ്ക്കെന്നും മനോഹരം.  .     .

ചെമ്പകവും  പിച്ചകവും 
ചെമ്പരത്തീം  കൊന്നപ്പൂവും
അമ്പലവയലിൽ നീളെ 
ചമ്പാവിൻറ്റെ വിളയുമുണ്ട് .

എള്ളിൻചെടിയും  വാഴക്കുലയും
തുള്ളും  മന്ദസമീരനും.
മന്ദാരവും  തുമ്പമലരും
സ്മിതംതൂകും മോഹനമായ്.

 പാടുങ്കുയിൽ  കൂവുംകൂമൻ 
കൂടുകെട്ടും   ഗ്രാമ്യ ദൃശ്യം .
പാറിപ്പറ ന്നീടും  പരുന്തും
കാറിപ്പായും  കാകനുമുണ്ട്.

അർദ്ധവയർ  പട്ടിണിക്കാർ
അർത്ഥം   വിനാ  ജീവനവും .

 ചെറുമനും  ചെറുമിയും 
പറമ്പിലെ പണിചെയ്വൂ
ചേറിനുള്ളിൽ  മുട്ടുവരെ
ഏറെനേരം  തുടരുന്നു .

അടിയാനും  തമ്പുരാനും
കൂടിച്ചേർന്നുകൃഷികാക്കും .
കുട്ടികളും  തന്നാലായത് 
കുറ്റം വിനാ ചെയ്തീടുന്നു.

 സത്യാഗ്രഹ  മാർഗമില്ല
അത്യാഗ്രഹ മില്ലതന്നെ
ശ്രേഷ്ഠതതൻ കിരണങ്ങൾ
മോഷ്ടാക്കളേ  മാറ്റുന്നുണ്ട്.

സഹജീവി മനുജനോട്, 
മഹിമയായ്  തുറന്നിടും.

അന്തസത്ത  മറയുന്നു.
കാടും മേടും കുന്നും മാഞ്ഞു
കൂടുകൂട്ടും കിളിയും പോയി.

 അന്തകൻറ്റെ വാളിന്നിര
ചെന്തളിരും തരുവുമെല്ലാം.
ചന്തമുള്ള മന്ദിരങ്ങൾ

ഇന്ദ്രജാലം  സമ്പത്തിൻറ്റെ
ഇന്ദ്രിയത്തെ   മയക്കുന്നു.
ഇന്ദ്രദേവൻ വന്നെന്നാലും

തെറ്റു  ശരി   കാട്ടും സീമ
മാറ്റി ക്കളയും    നേട്ടംകിട്ടാൻ.
ശിക്ഷയുണ്ട് നാമമാത്രം
രക്ഷപ്പെടും  ധനികരെന്നും.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

കറുകറുത്തൊരു പുതപ്പ്!

ഗഗനപ്പെണ്ണു കുളിച്ചു രാവിൽ 
വേഗം കേശം കോതിയിടേണം.
അഴിച്ചുമെല്ലെ ചാരുതയോടെ 
മഴയാം കൂന്തൽ താഴേയ്ക്കിട്ടു.

മാരിയാം വാർമുടി ഒഴുകി വീണു 
നാരിയാം ഭൂമിയെ തഴുകി നിന്നു.
ഉരുണ്ടു  സമയശ്ശകടം കടന്നു  
ചരിഞ്ഞു കിടന്നുവുറങ്ങാൻ വാനം.

അംബരത്തിൻ മുടിയുടെ നീരാൽ
അംബരം മെനയായ് കഴുകീ രജനി.
മേഘത്തലയണ നേരെയാക്കി
ലാഘവത്തോടവൾ തേടി നിദ്ര.
കറുകറുത്തൊരു പുതപ്പു മൂടി  
ഉറക്കംതേടി ജീവികളെല്ലാം.
രാവു കിടന്നു കണ്ണുകൾ പൂട്ടി
രാവിലെ പൊൻവെയിലെത്തുംവരെയും.

 താരങ്ങളും തിങ്കളുമെല്ലാം
ചാരിക്കിടന്നു മിഴികൾപൂട്ടി.
ഊർജ്ജംനന്നായ് സംഭരിച്ച്‌ 
ഉറഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി പവനൻ വെളിയിൽ.

തേടി വെളിച്ചമകത്തളത്തിൽ  
ചെടികളല്പം ചാഞ്ഞപോലെ.
പുഞ്ചിരിയഴകൊടു സമ്മാനിയ്ച്ച്
ചാഞ്ചാടുന്നൊരു കുടമുല്ലപ്പൂ.

ഞാനെൻ കരങ്ങൾ നീട്ടിയതിനെ
ജനലിൽക്കൂടി മൃദുവായ് തഴുകി.
ആനനമതിൻറ്റെ ചുംബിച്ചു ഞാൻ
ആനന്ദത്താലതു തലയുമാട്ടി.

അടച്ചുവെച്ച  ഗ്രന്ഥമെടുത്തു.
പടങ്ങൾ നോക്കി രസിച്ചുങ്കൊണ്ട്
തുടങ്ങി മെല്ലെ പാരായണം.

അയ്യോ  വൈദ്യുതി  നിന്നുപോയോ?
വായന  തുടരാൻ  സാധിയ്ക്കില്ല .
കഥയുടെ  ശേഷം നാളേയ്ക്കായി
വ്യഥയോടെ  ഞാൻ  മാറ്റിവെച്ചു.

കരി പുരണ്ടോരന്തരീക്ഷം
ഗ്രന്ഥമെങ്ങിനെ വായിച്ചീടും?
ആർദ്രതയോടെ ശയ്യ വിളിച്ചു
 നിദ്രയ്‌ക്കൊപ്പം    ഞാനും പോയി.

അയ്യോ ചിന്ത വലംവെയ്ക്കുന്നു
ചെയ്യാനെന്ത് ഇരുളിൽ തനിയെ?

വഴികാണാതെ മുഷിപ്പകറ്റാൻ
കുഴങ്ങിപ്പോയ് ഞാനെന്തുചെയ്യാൻ?.
  വെളിച്ചമില്ല  വായനയില്ല 
വെളിയിലിറങ്ങാൻ വിഷമവുമാണ്.

പക്ഷെയുണ്ടൊരു വലയുടെ ലോകം
കഷ്ടം മാറ്റാൻ വിഭവങ്ങളധികം .
 ഫോണെടുത്തു തുറന്നു വാട്സാപ്
കാണാൻ ചേലുള്ള വിഡിയോയേറെ..

ഓരോന്നായി  തുറന്നു  രസിച്ചു
ഓരോന്നിലും മുഴുകിപ്പോയ് ഞാൻ.
ഒരുചെറുമയക്കം വന്നു തലോടി
ഒരുസ്വപ്നത്തിൽ വഴുതി ഞാനും. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rejoice Let us now!

Evaluate let us 
all our deeds
upkeep the deeds
 never blemished,
overlook the ones with blots,
worry not about the past,
 time is fresh and new now,
design a wish list anew.  
Showered on us
 our clan and allies
in the year already bygone,
 greetings as regards and wishes,
to bring in our precious lives
experiences silken. 

Alas! Despite the good wishes,
 on our way, face we had to, 
the bile high of enmity;
passed we, though  through
 storms, showers and thunders,
radiant rays galore were there; 
cherish let us 
the memories sugary,
bury the nightmares 
much scary,
ennoble ourselves 
from the ills and
bow with gratitude 
before the aids.

He!  the New Year has
made its presence,
rejoice let us
at its warmth,
pray to the Mighty
for His blessings;
to be rubbed out 
woes from foes;
with hope and trust 
at the fullest rate
 explore  we can then
a delight from dark,
that often sinks us in
sorrow deep.

 Wish everyone a very friendly, favourable two o nineteen.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

O, You great Shower!

O, you great shower!
what a striking figure!
stunning and startling
 cool and very chilly,
 joyful to watch and view,
carting the heart and mind
straight to your charisma;
your vigour sure is overt.

 O! My  dear Rain,
stop your game,
enough it is now,
tired of you, we are;
 hurts us your verve,
violently lashing at the windows,
with pity zero in review and
swelling cold everywhere.

We know your might
no need to exhibit;
your flow of force
drowns beings all around,
slides abodes and soil
in an abundant mass;
 not cute in rage are you,
don’t unload your ire on us.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ഒരു നിശബ്ദാചാര്യ!

This poem illustrates a part of Annapoorna Devi’s life, the first wife of Pandit Ravishankar. She was a shimmering star in the horizon of instrumental music ‘Surbahar’ in particular. She handled it with inexplicable talent and skill and bagged appreciation abundant. Her life ended up in an apartment in Mumbai in October 1918. To save her nuptial life, she had to withdraw her appendages from public performance.  The fragrance of her inherent flair stretched far and wide through her highly legendary disciples to name a few Hariprasad Chaurasia, Nityanand Haldipur, Nikhil Banerjee and Ashish Khaan.

നാദത്തിൻ താളത്തിൻ തീർത്ഥം നുകർന്നൊരു
വാദ്യത്തിൻ മാന്ത്രികയന്നപൂർണ്ണ.
മനങ്ങൾ  മയങ്ങുമുപകരണ ഗീതത്തിൽ
മാന്യയായ്  നേടി   കരഘോഷങ്ങൾ.

ഹൃദ്യമാം  പലവിധ  വാദ്യമേളങ്ങൾ
ഹൃത്തുക്കളെ മെല്ലെക്കീഴടക്കി.
സംഗീത  സമുദ്രത്തിലാറാടിയായമ്മ
മങ്ങാത്തൊരോർമയായ് മാറിയിന്ന്.

അവരുടെ  താതനലാവുദീൻഖാൻ.
ഏവരേം വാദ്യത്താലാകർഷിച്ചു.
സരോദിൽ സിത്താറിൽ മറ്റുവാദ്യത്തിൽ
അരുമയാം  മക്കൾക്കു   പാഠം  നൽകി.

റോഷനാരായെന്ന കനിഷ്ഠപുത്രിയ്ക്കും
ദോഷംവിനാ പാഠം നൽകി പിതാ.
സുർബഹാർ വാദ്യത്തിന്നാകാശഗംഗയിൽ.
സൂര്യസമാനം തിളങ്ങിയവൾ.

ഉസ്താദിൻ  പ്രീതിതൻ   പാത്രം  രവിശങ്കർ  
ഉസ്താദിൻ  ജാമാതാവായ്  ഭവിച്ചു.
രവിശങ്കർതൻ  വധു  രോഷനാരാഖാൻ 
ഭവിഷ്യേ  അന്നപൂർണ്ണാദേവിയായി.

പതിപത്നിയുഗ്മം സിത്താർനിപുണർ  
പൊതുവേദികളിൽ വന്താരകങ്ങൾ.
നല്കീ ദേവിയ്ക്കു സുർബഹാർ പാടവം
നൽപ്പോടെ ഖ്യാതികൾ നാനാലോകേ.

മാറ്റൊ  തൊള്ളായിരമ്പതിനാറ്  (916)
മാറ്റുരച്ചാലവർ കാന്തനുമേലെ.
അൽപ്പമസൂയ  കാർന്നോ  ശങ്കറെ.
അലിവു മങ്ങിയോ  ശാന്തിപോയോ?

ഉച്ചസ്ഥായിയിൽ  വാക്കും   വഴക്കും
അച്ചടക്കം വിട  ചൊല്ലാൻ വെമ്പി .
പുത്രനാം   ശുഭോയുമായൊരു  നാളിൽ
പിതാവിൻ    സന്നിധി  പൂകിദേവി.

ചെയ്തുപുനർചിന്ത  നായികാനായകർ
ചെയ്തികൾ രണ്ടാളും  മാപ്പിലാക്കി.
പതിയാം പണ്ഡിറ്റ് രവിശങ്കർതന്നുടെ    
 എത്തീ സവിധത്തിൽ  വീണ്ടും ദേവി.

മനസ്സിലാക്കി  ദേവി  ഭർത്താവിനി൦ഗിതം
മനസ്സിനുള്ളിൽ   ഒരു   ശപഥഞ്ചെയ്തു .
'അരങ്ങുകൾ   കാണില്ലിനിമേലിലെന്നുടെ 
സുർബഹാർ   സിത്താർ  വാദനങ്ങൾ'.

തങ്ങിയവർ തൻറ്റെ വീട്ടിൽത്തന്നെ.
കഷ്ടമീത്തെളിവോലും  വാദ്യനക്ഷത്രം  
നഷ്ടമായ് സംഗീതവിശ്വത്തിന്.

‘ഗുരുമാ’ സമർഥരാം ശിഷ്യരിൽക്കൂടി 
വിരിയിച്ചു സംഗീത  സൂനങ്ങളെ. 
ചൊവ്വുള്ള  ശിഷ്യഗണങ്ങളായി.

രവിശങ്കറിൻ കീർത്തി  പാരാകെ  കേട്ടു
പവിത്രമാം ബന്ധത്തിൽ വിള്ളൽ വീണു.
തേടിപ്പോയി  പുതുമലർ രവിശങ്കർ  
മാടിവിളിച്ചാളെ  വേറെമഹിള.

പൊട്ടിപ്പോയ് പ്രണയത്തന്ത്രികൾ പിന്നെയും 
കൂട്ടാക്കിയില്ലവ   കൂടിച്ചേരാൻ.
ശ്രമിച്ചുദേവി oഗല്യം കാക്കുവാൻ  
 ഭവിച്ചു മൗനിയായ് ബാഹ്യലോകേ.

ഉറപ്പില്ലാ   സംഗതി പരിപാലിയ്ക്കാനായ്
ഉറപ്പുള്ള പ്രതിഭകൾ കുഴിയിൽ മൂടി.
വെയ്ക്കേണ്ട  ആശകൾ പറക്കും പറവയിൽ

പൊയ്പ്പോകും പുതുതലം തേടിയത്.

Monday, October 22, 2018

About three Verdicts!

What I would like to unfurl here is my view of the three current verdicts of the Supreme Court of India- about homosexual nuptials, Adultery among couples and Sabarimala entry for women of all ages.

Gays’ and lesbians’ matrimony has been legalized by the highest court and the court has, I think, walked back from espousing opposite sexes’ union.  Nature has designed creatures in ways different as unisexual, bisexual and asexual with the main purpose of proliferation and to a certain extent ok, delight. The delight forms the ground-preparation by beings, for the propagation of their own kind. Since Man bears demarked lines of sexual organs as males and females, his reproductive mode should be the union between males and females only. But the man who has the reason, but does not make use, with utmost animosity and insolence has redesigned things in his own ways. He complies with his own perverted ways to satisfy the unwarranted desire.

 Homosexuality is one of such Arts that man has developed without analyzing its pros and cons. A homosexual relationship is totally against Nature’s law. Had God sought to shape man with both the sexual organs; this problem wouldn’t have cropped up. The homosexuals do not understand that in the long run, a sort of odium resulting in the inevitable severance  awaits the mates. And also the old age of homosexuals with no descendants will itself shut them in a cage of depression.

Adultery, which is absolutely an anti-social activity, has been decriminalized. This verdict helps only a handful of people, whereas the rest, the majority cannot at all digest this policy. It is a bomb that will explode in family-life spoiling its very texture and thereby that of the society.

Of course, those who favour it may do it covertly, no doubt. When it is legalized, women-activists may not hesitate to jump over the walls of ethics. The progeny are the main victims to suffer in that kind of families. They will be thrown into the dark of agony and more over some of the budding teens will be instigated by this style and they may experiment it in their later life. Think about the old parents of such couples; they can in no way accommodate in their minds this occurrence. The divine male-female attraction will vanish from some families and the end outcome is a hell of mayhems resulting in nothing but a divorce.

 Coming to Sabarimala, a place of profound sanctity for Hindus in Kerala, has been, is and will be lying in the minds of millions of devotees. There are certain earmarked days for the pilgrimage to that sacred milieu, where Lord Ayyappa is the Deity, providing eternal bliss to those who visit Him. Every year people from all over India, especially from the south, seek solace from this holy idol. Even some people from other religions also make their visits to the vicinity of Lord Ayyappa. The Deity’s holy abode is at the pinnacle of one of eighteen holy hills, guarded by dense forest.

 Nature has abundantly supplied all kinds of beautifying articles to this terrain. So the Lord Ayyappa and the divine beauty of the land attract devotees amply to this place.

 Religion, we know, stands on the pillars, built of beliefs, may it be any Hinduism, Islam,Christianity or any. Rituals and customs are its nails to fix it properly on these pillars. One such belief is that Lord Ayyappa is a complete celibate that does not stand for the entry of females during their menstruating age. This belief travels from generations to generations and till date, it did not face any unseemly occurrence.

Now with the SC’s judgment allowing entry for all ages of women, things have toppled breaking the warps and wefts that weave societies’ calm. The SC could have arranged for a survey among the priests, devotees and others tied to the sites.

 Some so-called women-activists i.e. some anti-social females - I don’t use the word ladies - try to visit the temple. They are not in the stipulated age; they in the name of the challenge, definitely not out of devotion, have come forth to for the entry into the banned vicinity. This has disturbed the devotional emotions of the devotees. They chose the path of Gandhiji and started a peaceful agitation by chanting psalms in mass.

 The present government that supports the challenging people that are only a few, gave instructions to the police to provide protection for the latter’s entry. They have opened a Pandora's box or poked a beehive creating all the commotion around. What to say! It has turned out to be somewhat a law and order situation presently. Had the government given a review petition or requested the court for a period of implementation, things wouldn’t have become this grave. Now what we can do is to pray to the Almighty Lord Ayyappa to set the things in proper order and protect the hallowed area.