Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dazzling Drops!


People have been describing the beauty of these dazzling drops from time immemorial. Though not a topic new, it remained always attractive. So I too have tried my thoughts here.


The dazzling drops, your colour silver,
 As elixir on us you shower.
Dance and glitter in our ground
And shine on all the grasses around.

Glow and beam in flush of sunlight
As sparkling stones, with a smile, so sweet.
Sing a gentle song when drizzling,
As cool and chilly water, sprinkling.

Stun we, at the startling figure of yours
With the spell of splendid,striking drops.
 Form you abundant diamond stones
As  pieces bright of broken glasses.

The nature plays her pretty violin,
With your brilliant strings vibrant.
 Fall the nonstop drops enchanting
As charming wires in way, slanting.
Children choose the sodden places
 To sail their lovely boats of paper,
Change you ever the surroundings soggy
And you then wash and make them, pretty.

 Resting umbrellas and sleeping rain coats
Leap of course from boxes and cases.
And sometimes well, the plantain- leaves
Get their due from peasants’ hands.

 Contain, the sand a scent appealing
 To smell it, children bend while passing.
You the lovely! Your feather, the wind
 Fly you in the sky to a far off mountain.

Play, none can,with you a game foul
As everything in front, you destroy in fury.
 But extract the lovers, the feeling romantic,
Seek you,they, in need to heal fuss frantic.

So rain rain, away now you don’t go,
Come, you cutie, other days also,
Let little Ravi,Rani and Rahul play
For with you they will be happy and gay.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

                                    Insolence  Inestimable


!.A fourteen year-old boy stabbed his teacher as the latter scolded the former for his irregularities in academics.
2.A ninth standard student murdered  one of the fellow students of his class to get his own back for a yester year’s bickering.

I have just quoted two instances wherein we can simply witness the aforesaid subject in ample measures. Today we exist in an era of impertinence and violence and thereby we notice around us unfathomable bloodshed. The new arts of living i.e. umpteen detrimental acts like ‘looting, murdering, bullying ,cheating, hitting, shooting’ etc. have occupied the chairs of governance amongst the society-members. Even the beasts will bend their heads down in shyness at the shameless actions of man.

There are so many ‘isms’ associated with human life. The ‘ism’ that  mercilessly finishes off man, is the treacherous ‘Terrorism’.  This ‘ism’ blindly pierces through the smooth life of people and spoils all  their tranquility. Human beings in general are fond of a peaceful life confining within the walls of his mind. And into this peacefulness creeps this fiercest ‘ism,’. It requires not the bearer’s permission to  intrude into his life. Countless innocents have to say ‘goodbye’ to their life for no crime of theirs.

 What pleasure  do the radicals obtain? What do they achieve? Why is this riot? The fact is that the real brains of all these insurgencies keep themselves safe behind the curtain. While the poor members of the mutiny group form suicide squads and give up their lives, the leaders get comfortably housed in star facilities. They, the leaders never fail to ensure their safety and security. Posh cars with bullet-proof comforts and hotels with most modern sophisticated conveniences stand stooping before them. If the ordinary members analyse the activities they are engrossed in and the duties they are entrusted with, they can read the  idiocy dissolved in their actions in place of ideology..

 However both the leaders as well as the followers cannot enjoy their lives in full swing. Free motion among the common people is impossible, as commoners will direct them to the dungeons that lurk with open doors. For them days and years may pass without the beautiful sunset and sunrise, as mostly they will have to be in some hide-outs. They can’t expose themselves  in the limelight out of the hidings. They can’t get pleasure from the sceneries and greeneries around their dwelling area. They can’t breathe the fresh  air that surrounds their much loved home. What a life do they lead without hugging the sweet little ones at home? They are not able to hold the old hands that once held them very affectionately.

 In most of the cases the assailants are youngsters, who are the supporting  pillars of their families.They that fall into the jaws of militants and hesitate though for the terror campaign, can’t find an exit from the those unscrupulous fiends. Why do these wrong-doers want to sacrifice all their bliss and pleasure to uphold extremism and fanaticism? In the midst of rivalry and revulsion there remains a big ‘but’ which later reaches in vain the stage of repentance. By that time they might have sunk into the abyss of litigation and legal actions from which a rise is Herculean. If at all they happen to drop-in to their residences by chance, their progeny stare at them and try to hide, as if some aliens have visited them.     

Liquor is another nasty thing that destroys all calm of males  (Now females are no exception).The young hands earn money abundantly, spend it in plenty for acquiring personal delight in large degrees. So they quite often move to the pleasure shops and buy pleasure lavishly without any reluctance. Tears of their dear and near cheer up so that those drops can easily roll down through their faces. Who sees the broken heart  embedded inside the cage of their ribs? The liquor mostly lies with a one- time taster, for ever as an accomplice. The addict does not become aware of the fact that a planned pleasant life of his gets dissolved in arrack and the like. And also the other facts highlighted in the preceding paragraph are applicable here also, as the liquor consumer goes away from his proper sense. They also eventually disembark on the shore of repentance. They don’t understand their great loss, the loss of their beautiful god-given gift, their life on this brilliant planet.

Other than these evils some other vices also pull the man from his serene life, to the ditches of abyss. Some of such brutalities exhibited by the so called human inhuman in nature, loom in the following nomenclatures. They can be categorized as  illegitimate politics such as defection, rebellion, illegal campaign, untimely election, undeserving candidature ; pecuniary factors such as education-donation, bribe, burglary, dowry;  pick-pocketing ;  black based items such as black money, counterfeiting black notes, black money stashed abroad ; murders such as shooting, stabbing, cutting with sword, smothering ; pornographic actions such as eve-teasing, child-abuse, molestation, prostitution  etc These are the main activities prevalent in the society now. Other atrocities like property-dispute among siblings, encroachment into neighbour’s land, exchange of unparliamentary (now parliamentary) words, face to face confrontation (religious and regional), organ sales, destruction of environment for personal gains etc. have no deficiency here.Milliards of other detrimental actions are also have their role here.  

 Dearth of graciousness is very conspicuous everywhere. Politeness ,the attribute of gentlemen, is diminishing day by day. Impertinence or impudence is the face-symbol of most of the people. These harmful ways can be or should be curbed or chased. Otherwise there will be a big question mark on the word ‘Existence’ on and of this green planet. Value education, effective parenting, disciplined policing, suitable punishment, correct law and order, practical civil code and care for Nature etc. should watch-words of the world. Justice without delay must play its roll well. Justice delayed is justice denied. Let be the tender brains of tomorrow vigorous and vigilant, devoid of all sorts of dust and rust.Will the world dawn into such a fine day?