Thursday, February 25, 2016

His Dreams Perished or Cherished?

This poem was posted at the initial stages of my blogging.I feel it as a topic to link with poets united, so I repost here.

There lay the lad in tattered clothes
In despair high, with shattered dreams.
Movement was unable with body impaired,
To be on life and limb was hard, as desired.

Despite the ban and barriers from the elders,
Marched forward, he to the battalion of soldiers.
When he found himself in uniform of condition,
Got fulfilled his ‘long cherished ambition’.

Enthralled by the cream of words from his dame,
He felt righteous himself to be a victor in his aim..
Though, great was his hope for meeting the kin,
This server, for his country, had concern very keen.

Excited he was with strength and spirit much,
Result, to the front of war he always had reached.
Fought he very tight, with might in the field,
The foes of stature huge, the country, they fled.

Fearing to save from this youth, their ‘self’,
The attackers had showered big fall of shells.
That unkindly put this very brave in hell,
And went on tolling, the dreadful death- knell.

The death-bird flew down flapping the wings
Making a sound with a feeble hissing noise.
Moments, minutes and hours crawled,
Yet none could notice the lone young corpse.

The demise- bell chimed at the place of birth
Pauperizing the family with no more bread.
Wreaths, flowers and garlands were heaped
Upon his mortal that once stood in heights.

The kin’s sorrows could stop, words of no magic;
Mourning echoed around on the mortal martyr's.
Will  recover from gloom, his lass and parents?
It may ensue barely,but they will bear pride patriotic.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Nuptial Dreams!

Not sonnet,bur a fiction just versified.Anyway I am linking here.

Sat Sangeeta in her chair
With sight and thoughts yonder
Started delving into her mind
Now dreary, in the days yore.
 Spiritedly she wove her nuptial dream
In golden threads of elation and thrill.
 Sadly! Went everything in vain when
Alerted all, the news of an accident,
Her groom and his kin met with
Ending in the end of his dad’s breath.
Haunted her what has happened
As a scene very horrendous
That had bathed her visage
With tears of doubt about her bridal.
Ago a couple or more years
Eve of wedding; the crowd,
 Was dashing from room to room
 With tray and tray in hands.
Served they snacks and soft drinks
 To guests, arrived to bless the bride.
Proving no stinginess in showiness,
Alas! Alarmed all a phone call.
Awaited she long for a verdict
Of their much prized wedding date
Solacing her solely in her gloom
From well the side,groom's.
Happened it never
To flourish her nourished dream
Instead stretched, its silence
Hinting at all no intimation.
Pointing at her bridal entry
As an ominous ill-fate to family
The outcome bounced from in-laws
Went against her nuptial dream.
Being similar of a grass widow
Heeding attention nil to the
Voice and advice given by elders
Chose she ever the title, a spinster.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goal of my Soul!

I thought never,
Me from a family poor
 Would reach the heights’ height
With an upshot so bright;
 As lights in dark flash,
News and news splash.
My dream, cherished
From the very childhood
In life to come out
With flying colours, but
Can me with no social stand
Achieve the goal of soul?
Impinges upon my mind,
The man who stays in mansion,
The mansion of size a castle;
Wearing expensive apparel,
Bearing the identity of his riches
Exercising all sorts powers
A much classy car he drives
Amidst his fellow dwellers.
Strove I so forward
To achieve a good award
In the exam of Civil Services
For obtaining a chair from reserves
Always snatched by elites;
Aha! I hold today delights.
I am a star shimmering now,
Glee and gladness of wow
Emit around for admirers
That for my success stood always. 
Have I attained an identity
Among the affluent with equality?
No, can’t one identify ‘self', one’s,
It is from the inner voice, unless.  

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