Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Of no Use!

Those that are of less
 Use is never useless, nothing in
 This world is useless.

People who of no use
We feel, may twist salvaging us.
Rate none of looks alone.

Things’ use lies with user.
Articles of use high may turn
Useless if need nil.

To man only are the
Jewels and gems germane and grand.
Animals and birds care not.

Lending a hand in
Need goes never waste,earn it
You can from somewhere.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

She had the Last Laugh!

Sharan, a fifteen-year-old sat sad by the side of his mother. Her face reflected her twinge.

“Surgery though in public-hospital  incurs some outlay.”   Sharan’s mind travelled hither-thither for pecuniary aid.

 Nothing turned fruitful.  Eventually the surgery had its turn. Mother had the last laugh. But Sharan shunned interrogations about expenses.

“A robber took birth in me for the instantaneous requirement for mother’s well-being. I picked that cash from your house.” Sharan to neighbour.

“I took a part-time job with studies. I went for a loan.

 Please accept this amount. Again steal I’ll never.”

Admiration was the neighbour’s reaction.