Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 Bats, the acrobats on
Trees, heed no season during
Drooping for their sleep.

 Nocturnal bats, seem
 Birds neither nor animals, do
Their duties with fail nil.

Bats as cute nocturnes
Evoke drollery in diminutive
Eyes gaping at flaunting.  

Why do you squabble
 To grab mangoes, dear children?
Bats  leave dangling seeds only.


Friday, August 23, 2013


 Brings sun in morning   
 Novelty in activity and 
 Dawn turns glad and gay

Fresh blooms smile at child.
Child finding joy, grins.
The ants suck nectar.

The breeze whispers
In lovers’ ears, words of love.
Drizzles bathe them fresh.

Vines boast of fresh grapes.
Can’t withstand squalls and fall down.
 But weed tides over wind.

Fresh leaf laughs at dry.
Dry leaf, poor, tells the fresh one,
 “Old age yours is not so far.”

We hear often farm- fresh
Fruit and vegetables,but sure
They are poison-fresh.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sleep vacated its abode from his eyes and mind after the ghastly accident. The very thought of mobile motors haunted his soul and spirit.  He stared at his amputated leg with tear-bathed face. Influxes of visitors disturbed him.  No word of sympathy or empathy cheered him. Silent sobbing disturbed the calm of his room. The visuals of his age-mates in teens making merriment in games pierced his mind. But his beloved class-teacher’s arrival blew a soft breeze into his bleeding heart. “You have been selected in the National team for the scholastic contest abroad”. Her words were ‘Food for his Soul.’


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Great Artist!

Portraying our images
In bright and light tint
Or in dim and dark tone,
Holding our hands in forward trip
Observing our actions nil,
Not waiting for our fate,
The great artist, Time treks
In air without any flaws.

 Enormous in size and
 Undying in life,
 Failing never in duty and
Not getting hindered at hiatus,
Our great Guru, Time,
Who we vastly need
Leads and guides us
Though we fail to trail.

Marching through the lives
Of animate-inanimate things
In their gloom and glee,
Triumph and failure,
Comfort and want,
Poverty and property and
Adversity and privilege
The time takes its usual course.

Throwing us sometimes
Into suffering and affliction,
Squeezing all our juice
By crushing and mashing our mind,
Time rejoices though,
It saves and shelters us also
From the harsh heat of glumness,
Providing solace ample.

Stroking all that
Fall on its zenith
In this wide broad world,
But caring none’s deeds
Looking less left and right,
Allowing nix back and front,
Bothering nil up and down
The Time moves with royal steps.

Positioning itself
On the plane of our life- brook
That flows with the banks,
Namely the birth and death,
Time, the infinite tree
Permits us to twine and climb
For locating and setting
O! Our destiny high.

As the grandfather, the past,
The son, the present
And the grandson, the future
Travelling through the
Track of seconds, minutes and hours
And days, months and years,
Time covers the distance
In myriad of millenniums.

This precious prestigious entity
We can never evade,
But can ever lose,
When we go delayed
With procrastination of things
Without any plans or actions.
So “Never put off till tomorrow
What can be done today”.