Monday, October 31, 2016

The World Order Today!

 ‘Terrorists snuffed out numerous lives of boarder-guarding soldiers incessantly showering bullets ’.

‘Pakistan crossed the LoC and shot dead two BSF soldiers’.

‘A gang of goons belonging to a political party hit on a bike with their car and brutally cut him with a sword and took his breath’.

No day is done without such kind of news, may it be from print media or visual media or even social media, which portray more pleasurable posts though. You cannot retrieve your visual parts from newspapers or TV’s without packing your psyche with pathos. The world order today has become exterminating the people who happen to be the objects of someone’s dislike. Shooting, stabbing etc have become a fashion among the people and they practise them on their foes at silly differences of opinion or slight confrontations.

All these cases very vividly illustrate the fact that countless lovely lives of innocent Homo sapiens had to or have to bid adieu from their native locales because of a few anti-social two-legged animals. Values’ scarcity, vengeful motives, power-craze and the like of a few people extract the life of common man. Value in toto has vanished from the minds of people when they adopt malicious steps for the fulfillment of their malicious yen. Radicalism, hooliganism, creating mayhem in the neighbourhood etc. are some of the arts the wicked use.
Radicalism's twin sibling terrorism has become a major life-claiming factor in almost all the countries in the world. Countries hardly escape from the hurts and harms inflicted by it. The terrorists would have been simple and normal like every other two-legged being earlier. Then how did they get entry into the group titled extremists? Simple, their views turned sinful due to the persuasion and brainwash done by the hooligans to selfishly execute the skill of cropping lives.

The vicious ideas come up mainly only in one mind which spreads as an epidemic amongst the gangsters.The idea-generating people enthrone themselves as leaders and catch young assertive boys, melt them in forges, pour into desired moulds and depute them to carry out their fallacious mission of carnages. The leaders become successful in filling in those minds the snug stay in heaven after the demise. More over smart guys are brainwashed to become ready to be in suicide squad which accomplishes the task of bomb blast at the cost of their own priceless lives. Healthy tender bodies become ashes and pieces and the soul would never get ‘RIP’ because they leave the soil spoiling the quiet of a lot many families.

The terrorists and their leaders are if mercifully and tactfully handled and offered an apt establishment to live in the open fear-free, this malice, a great deal can be curtailed. After all they are also human beings blessed with a bright brain to think.

The game conquest played by some countries to bring their neighbours under their roof reaps lives in abundance. They attack nations pointing out some week reasons; they may be meek though. The aim is to inflate their countries’ area along the length and breadth. They set up their forces for an intrusion into the calm of those nations that were their friends once. There also the poor inhabitants have to either do away with their lives or leave the residences. A lot many people are turned into refugees who find no acceptance anywhere in this wide world for even a slumber. And they also belong to the genera Homo sapiens.

The history never proves that sooner or later all the power-mongers had been surrendering or
seeking hide-outs and their ends were very pathetic. The nations should sit together for a
 fruitful talk and arrive at an acceptable treaty fovouring their poor subjects.

And the thugs staying among the leading political parties to obtain political mileage redundantly emerges to chop the heads and chase the souls of the opponents. Thus they create havoc in large measures among the peaceful dwellers of the society. The other opponent in equal or more numbers takes away the heads of their antagonists. The victims, who are mere members of the party, may not be aware of the hostility to find way to save their lives.

Despite the party’s label all the criminals should be stringently punished, otherwise the mass should indulge in the matter to teach the party a lesson.

 What do the goons gain out of this villainy? Nothing and they themselves may fall prey to the hostile group or the forces’ arms. And at times in-flights develop roots amidst groups or gangs on vicious aims of both seizing power and pecuniary benefits. There also atrocities are the upshots. Depraved thoughts and superstitious beliefs about a life beyond, lead the villains. Has anyone experienced a life above? No, this is the one which everyone can see, experience and enjoy. The criminals don’t understand the fact that they can never come in the open and enjoy freely their pretty life and this planet’s beauty.

  Do the assaulters think of the situations they bring about in the bereaved families or in their own families? Ladies are widowed, children are orphaned, parents are deserted and siblings are isolated. Moaning mothers, sighing sisters, crying daughters and mutely weeping fathers mechanically spend their heavy days, as they do not end their lives, lacking audacity. Even the loving grandparents with hopeful sunken eyes sit looking at their front doors to be open for their missing grand darlings who joined the terrorists.. Wet eyes, burns of tear and soaked cheeks tell the stories of orphaning families.

 If these people sympathize and empathize with those sufferers and their own kith and kin and if they think twice before implementing their erroneous ideas, they will withdraw their appendages of merciless massacre. Now also individually they may contain humaneness but while moving in mass clemency as a whole vanishes. The assassins commit crimes with seldom conscience-pricking and less chastisement-fear.

 They if use their brains properly and think deeply they will understand the utter foolishness of risking their lives, forgetting the Godly gift, the very life on this beautiful globe. Lack of proper guidance and slackness of required grooming during their growing stage bring them to unprincipled acts.

This life or this moment is the only fact that is lucid before us and a life above or beyond is just a fantasy. We bag here itself the price of what we do and our seventh heaven is not in the Heaven after our disappearance. None have any right to do away with any life since none can make alive a carcass.
Lessons of ethics and values, etiquette and manners, morals and modesty and behavior and character should be held high in academic institutions. At least the budding minds won't be polluted.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Common Man’s Wings!

Travels paint in railway station on
The picture bright on canvas around.
The multi-hued picture shows us
Actions slow and fast in station.
Humming sound of stirring people
Remind of bees buzzing in hives.
Bag and baggage coolies load
And unload in their special pattern.
Kith and kin while help their dear ones,
Hinder people, beggars for alms.
Slowly trains, start the Drivers,
With a view to speedily moving.
Wings of common man,form trains,
To fly in journeys, long and short.
Tedious turns the travel some days,
Many can’t access restful berths.
Plan your trips for comfort-making,
Lighten luggage for less discomfort.
Prudent hugs impossible nothing,
Diligent has the feel of possible.
Laziness is a craven subject,
Defeat pushes to abyss, success.
Set a goal to gain your craves,
And always try to expel loss.

Do you find anything in the words used here?