Thursday, April 28, 2016

Had I had Feathers!

(The perspective of a child)

Birds, o, how glad are!
Fly they high in sky, take them
To choice, their feathers.

The far off places
With ease they visit and fruit
High-hanging they pick.

Affects them no cold;
Feathers cover them in chil.
No blanket I have.

Peacefully sleep birds,
Perching on trees, blanketing
 The body with wings

 No cash Dad has and
No cover I have; but mom's
Hugging limbs warm me.

Conquering the whole
World, gaily flown I would have,
Had I had feathers.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Activity in Education!


Activity-Learning  in school education
Strengthens students in all directions.
Children in action show self projection
And they attain themselves  satisfaction.

Learning informal wipes off tension
And oneness feeling comes in this situation.
Problems and barriers find a reduction
When share, the friends, work in equal division.

Gay looks expand in multiplication,
The path of learning ends in perfection.
Provide, the teachers, apparent suggestion
And contentment creeps into their remuneration.

When soil of mark system flows in erosion,
Self confidence of students grows in addition.
As plants of grades many stand in erection,
The fright of children moves to subtraction.

The teacher makes meticulous preparation,
That improves the quality of school’s production.
The students gain a development of completion
And all these amount to spirit good in education.

The natives, children tie, with good connection
And, in future, it all benefits our own nation.
Become they, citizens of use having attention.
To uphold in full swing harmony and  integration.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Rani’s Granny!

Granny Rani’s, though in nineties,
As in nineteen, swings her body hither-thither,
No matter, upstairs or downstairs,
Acts she as an automobile fast.
Giving instructions to all in front
Revealing all the wrongs of theirs
No matter if position hold they high,
She is sure to  suggest  the right.
The actions, displayed 
By her physique petite,determine not
That her eyes have witnessed
Wonders of more than decades nine.
The skeletal framework, hers,
Housing her lean skinny body
With wrinkles drawn by the past tense
 Guides youngsters with dos and don’ts.
Now the poor granny of Rani
Picking sticks and stones from the ground
Flings them into the nearby pond
And claps she at the ripples formed.
Rejoices she uttering loud laughter
As a babe of mere four or five,
As has vanished her reminiscence fully,
Alas! Oh! The Alzheimer’s visits her.
Tears flow to Rani's eyes 
When she takes care special for granny;
Follows her where her dear one goes
To save granny from perils around her
As, the most, she loves her granny.