Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Villainy in Modernity

For  life modern,  men, young and old, run.
Villainy and vices choose they with no reluctance.
 Villains types copious, wear costumes of shapes many.
Tyranny and tormenting others are some of their attires.
The villains possess and keep in their shelves and safes,
Bribes and dowries  and illegal currencies
Succumb, people, to their own greed and odds,
Use, they means,unlawful to guard the cash  amassed.
Noose if any falls on  neck,  untie, they, with no check
Hurdles and hindrance if any, very easily, off they kick.
 Luxury and liquor delight them, when merrily they lick.
 Sarcasm and satire is the symbol of young faces.

Disorder is the order of the day for  all.
 Indiscipline leads the rulers and leaders
In oriental and occidental nations.
Indifference in total covers their dealings..
Corruption gets its reception in nook and cranny.
A surfeit of surliness is found here profoundly.
Friendliness even a morsel is not seen at all.

Power and penny in abundance, triumph.
 Panic, common man's mind confuses every moment.
 Facilities of star status favour radicals to rejoice.
 Polluted politics cuddles crime and malice.
Fear of no kind spoils their sound sleep.
They, instead, break the quiet and calm of others.

Would there be no end to it? if there be no savior?
A hell full of miseries will surround us sure.
The time is high we sprang against these villains.
 Oh! Homo-sapiens sapient you,wake up now
And burry the villainy in the tomb of virtues
And try to extract  righteous from everywhere..


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Yes, I am Happy'

Little Ann, lithe though.;
Sad at hapless state,
For not a soul to caress,
Nor a play-fellow;
Wanders amidst trees,
A certain tree ahead,
‘Lonely’ thought she,
Tiny voice that voiced,
“Are you happy, tree?”
Long- long branches
In majestic state that bow,
“ I am happy.”
Wonders little Ann,
“But you have nothing!”
Sway the branches
A smile concealed.
‘For, Good little Missy,
Wrong though you are
But earth my mother,
My father brilliant sky,’
 ‘Oh! The good world,
My friend and fellow,’
Thought little Ann,
Calmed by the soothing
That unawares crept,’

Thought her little mind, wondering
‘This beautiful world’
Her mother, father-everyone,
‘Earth the floor, sky the roof’
Then sweet whisper, to loving tree
“ Yes, I am happy,
 Thanks to you.”

Preeta Nair