Thursday, July 30, 2015

Classy Snapshots!


                                                  Come across, people here articles
                                                  That the creator great has built
                                                  In abundance in this wonderful world
                                                   With varieties of patterns a lot.

                                                  Get imprinted in their mind’s screen
                                                 As snapshots showing cute classiness,
                                                 The stuff that plummet into their attention
                                                  Through their two parts of sight.

                                               Possessing a mind that is specially designed,
                                              The fine arts people absorb the elegance
                                              That abounds in the regions seen around
                                              And save them in their folder of memory.

                                              With colours nix and brushes seldom
                                               Portray, their minds, the scenes they witness
                                               In their canvas of imagination
                                              And display them later in outside medium.

                                             Pour, they their full sight and view
                                            That gets embedded in the recollection pane,
                                             Towards the brush placed in hand and
                                              Is born, a painting shaded in rainbow-hues.

                                            Paintings are photographs salient
                                           That speak silently the meanings in volumes
                                             Magnetizing the beholder’s mind
                                             Giving in fact a mesmerizing effect.
                                             Stops, the prettiness of pictures a while,
                                             The passersby on their way to target
                                            And they when sight in them the soul and spirit
                                            Feel really the bliss of peace and pleasure.

Posted on the Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads