Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Ever Vehicle!

This is the fastest vehicle, launching
The satellites of thoughts,out punching
All the fences blocking the upward drift              
That carry dreams and desires very swift.

Looks it, like a very deep gaping cave,
As if to expel out something much grave.
In doubts and qualms it forms a caged bird
Yet can it fly high in the sky around the world.

None here mostly hold the command,
Checking and seizing its undue demand.
Potent to create and erase history,
Remains it, as an impassive mystery.

Studying others, it does coolly delve,
And ways for scraping, it does derive.
Standing often for dicey challenges
Using sometimes grimy chances.

Unveils, it your intentions or impulses,
Your culture, behavior and manners.
Eliciting your  passion, accurately
And gives you a judgment rightly.

It is no doubt your remembrance
And contains it, your intelligence
And imagination with ideas fine
To funnel them daintily to lines and lanes.

At the same time rejoice you can,
As protection and consolation,
Comforts and cuddles, help and support
Guidance and advice, it grants, you clear-cut.

What is one’s mind’s exact form?
Is it one’s grey matter’s dome?
Is it the conscience or insight?
Or is it one’s sublime spirit?

It is your inner sense pedaling
The senses dipped in surroundings.
Better, optimism let your mind extract 

And pessimism, nip in the bud, let it.  

Has anyone seen your mind and do you know where it subsists?



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Knew It was my Last day There!

I knew it was my last day there.The initial stage on-wards I stayed there. Utmost comfy care I enjoyed with luxury and lavishness.
A feel of angst conquered all faces, when I was admitted in the hospital. My state of mind I couldn’t judge, it was full with mixed feelings. Did a flash of pleasure loom in my mind? The first snivel of my neo-natal infant! Ha!  Immediately a wry smile lurked in me.
I bestowed the tender one caringly in their hands. Paining tears and sobs died within me.
What else can an unmarried surrogate MOTHER rich in poverty do?


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Makes, but breaks not, the
 Great Grey, relations with dark
And dawn;black and white.

Precious Grey in old age
Is akin to experience, gathers
Regards and respect.          

The clouds have gone grey.
Their age-mate ‘Rainbow’ grows never
Grey and looks young ever.
Premature graying
 Spoil the peace of youth today.
Make, doctors dollars.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Rag-tags in Rags!

“Amma! Ammaaa…”the voice was indeed very sad.
Shilpa was busily affianced in her cuisine and remained fully immersed in it. She unbolted the back door and advanced towards the direction of the heart-felt sound. The vista of the situation was so pathetic that it deeply poked her mind.

Shilpa a middle-aged lady ,whose lone son was abroad on studies, had in her savings a true heart ready for empathizing with the suffering mass. And so also she let a liberal hand  for the needy.
A limping mother and her daughter were standing in front of her house with a begging sign in their eyes. Had she got a magnifying glass, she would have  seen if the thing called flesh covered the bones of both or not. The rubbish rags they owned covered barely a fifty hundredth of the rag-tags’ skeletal system.
As Shilpa carried a question mark in her eyes, the so called riff-raff duo blubbered in chorus,

  “Ammaaa.., ammma.., please have mercy on us.”   “ Yesterday our stomach didn’t churn even a morsel of food. We are hungry.” With a sobbing tone the mother mourned.

Shilpa, though born with a silver spoon in the mouth possessed a melting heart. She entered the house through the front access and within a couple of minutes came back with half a dozen idlies and chutney(breakfast items).The volume  of glow that loomed in the miniscule eyes was unfathomable.
Both mother and daughter sat down in the car-porch –the car had gone with shilpa’s husband-and started swallowing the food rapidly. Shilpa moved inward to fetch water for them. Shilpa brought water in two glasses, kept earmarked for such purposes.

Shilpa saw the mother make the way out ,while the daughter was not with her. Out of curiosity she reached the gate and peeped outside. To her surprise she noticed a coconut in the daughter’s hand even bigger than its holder. She had in her compound a bulky assortment of coconuts, stacked in hills, after the harvest.

Shilpa was about to call the youngster back and rebuke, then a second thought raised a wall against her will. “Poverty only makes them nab things like this. Their scarcity of essentials is never their fault; some ruffians hoard all the wealth depriving others of their rights,” thought she and slowly she made herself off the scene to be with her day’s work.

But her mind was travelling with the duo, “People often tag such people as burglars that are hesitant to work. But who will give them work? Their vicinity maybe without any provision for labour and where there is provision, vicinity may be without labourers. Nobody is born as a criminal or hooligan, when the surroundings and situations hood-wink them, they rifle others’ belongings.” 

Shilpa’s merciful heart ached for a while and thought, “It is high time I would have done something for the suffering mass instead of bearing a sympathetic heart.” She thought about numerous ways and eventually decided to splurge in the art of social work that can accomplish the upkeep of many a human right!


Monday, October 14, 2013


A quaint sketch, paints God
In sky; silver, grey, gripping hues
Show mind-blowing scenes.

Wide canvas displays
The lady cloud’s picturesque beauty.
Mighty wind blows her away.

At Nature, goggles God,
At dark, moon and stars light torch.
Clouds naughty conceal them.

Thunder and lightning
 Harshly beats and scolds Nature.
Tears of rains, clouds shed.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Every once in a while

Parameshwaranpillai, an oldster took rest in his arm-chair every once in a while. After his demise a raven majestically occupied that seat. Correlating that with her soul-mate’s demise, Vilasini a simpleton, sturdily believed that it was her beloved husband’s soul. After his last adieu, he was lingering around the dearly-loved ones. So the crow enjoyed a royal sumptuous food there. One day the visitor was missing. She rummaged around  in search, alas! She found him hung on the electric line motionless. She cried soulfully as she did it for her husband.

“Now father  has reached heaven. Don't worry", Son 



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Hurtful Visitor!

       A home without visitors and guests seem to be dry rather deadly bringing boredom and tedium to the inmates. They will long for the visual of another visage helping to come out of the torpor of repeated activities day by day. Mostly guests and visitors fill the environs with delight by exposing some news about the common kith and kin.  But there are certain personal visitors who with no consent of yours, infringe into the essence of your self spoiling all the tranquil of the peace of mind. Let us draw the caricature of one of them.

When sleep holds you in cozy bed ,  you exceed the usual time of rouse. Lack of time turns things topsy-turvy. This visitor in a vehement manner catches hold of you, discolouring your dainty day. But who is this visitor? This visitor is a three-letter word named ‘IRE’ in other words  'ANGER'.

Why does this visitor make its presence in your proximity? There are copious reasons for that. One of them is the frustration born out of non-fulfillment of your undue desire. You will never see whether you possess the eligibility of yearning things such high. First deserve and then desire. Your acceptable ambition will no doubt see accomplishment, if adequate amount of effort is put in
Sometimes your mind gathers a sort of envy, when you see others at credible gains. The creator has designed some people fortunate enough to achieve all their aspirations .Then the jealousy of yours raises its head. The time is apt for your ire to conquer you.  You rejoice at the misfortune of theirs even at the cost of your pleasure leading to sadism. Hard luck and hardship in no way emits the rays of euphoria, may it be ours or others’. If you collect cheers from the triumph of other people, exultation will automatically come close to you also. Then why should you envy others?

Another root of this visitor’s entry is the dearth of revenue. If you run short of money for the procurement of your essential goods, you fall victim into the clasp of this visitor. You will feel like obliterating anything and everything that comes on your way. An oddity from you will come into view of others. The outcome is nothing other than loss! Loss!  Don’t entertain this visitor’s propinquity, you impel or propel it to some other direction.

Yet again another set of dangerous three letter s‘ Ego’, that symbolizes the expression of people and youths in particular today, forms the basis of this visitor’s close relation with you. Ego as an accomplice always follows you in all your words and deeds. If you have erred somewhere, rage climbs to you and you receive it readily. Instead of accepting your mistake, you upload the blame on some others. Therefore before  ire due to ego breaks your relations with others, better you be aware of its presence and make sure that you shake it off.

The next factor for the visitor’s spree is the ‘intolerance’ towards the other religions. You think that your religion is  paramount  and dominant over every other belief. But the fact is all the religions hold to their chests superstitious beliefs, unbelievable miracles and unnatural events along with all the essential values and ways for a fruitful life. Why to have such a superior belief when all the bodies perform the same way of metabolism and house the same type of body constitution and components.  Believing only in your religion, respect other religions or endure at least.

Skepticism about other religion and fanaticism about your own religion provide water and manure for the growth of terrorism and extremism. Vengeance turns huffish and avenge the followers of other beliefs for no deliberate fault of theirs. People succumb to the huff and its byproducts like militancy, massacre, bloodshed, assault, strife, conflict, clash and even looting etc are the upshots.

All the plans, legitimate and illegitimate,can take their births only in one brain. Very soon they multiply and encroach upon other brains also.  The atrocities are the brainchild of only one person proliferating in others.
Many more reasons such as obstinacy of the children, noisy atmosphere, incomplete work,  work pressure, dissatisfaction in self and others’ activities, tiresome journey, thirst, hunger, unpleasant situation, inability to react and the like download rage from your mind to your actions. Such things paint ire colour on your countenance. The muscles contract, eyes diminish the size, teeth bite each other and as a whole the physique gets heated up.

One cannot predict the consequences of your wild wrath which may send the opponents to even ‘Yama’s World’. For instance ‘A software engineer in Bangalore stabbed his wife, another software engineer to death. The former clasped fatality by leaping from the fifth story of his high-rise. His lone naive female progeny was thrown into an orphan stage’.  This was the result of recurring internal bickering between the couple. A current media news reported thus about a family with internal strife, a lot.

Fury fills your body with toxins that become susceptible to the visit of sugar, pressure, ulser and even cancer. Without your knowledge your fall prey in their grip.This harmful, hurtful foe, deteriorates the health, destroys the calm, tarnishes the image, breaks the relations and gains you nothing but defeat. Antagonism, antonymous with tolerance will fill in you unease and anxiety in place of peace of mind. If patience and endurance are in friendship with you, rage won’t even peep there. Let be lenience the watchword of the day and let be damages and dangers miles and miles away. Let you not get dipped in the ditches of fury and rage. Ascertain your strength and weakness and seek the panacea, humanity against all ailments.

 ‘An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes’.  By Cato. 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Beads of Divinity!

                                                Beads pretty, God threads.
                                               On Nature’s greens, He sticks.                                                                                                              Spoil not the dainty beauty.