Monday, April 28, 2014


Season of blossom!
Mango blooms, scent and hues,
Aha! Feast for eyes.

Bathed in gold,stands the
Tree, golden shower; advent
Of spring; heart-winning.

Hugs herb spring decked  in
Vermilion, crimson,scarlet
And mauve,ha bliss! 

Teens when bloom to youths
Paint the mind, glory of dreams;
Reverie in hearts.


Saturday, April 26, 2014


Apprehension, if
Incessant empties sometimes
Mind; nature succors.

Empty stomach, torn
Garb, tiny tot O! God, hard.
Raffle she wins, basks.

To amateurs, the
Robbers, “Ponder burglary,
No bare wallet then.”

With no aesthetics
Hearts cannot hold love-essence.
Life becomes barren.

Month-end, husband with
 Empty hand in woe, wife dear
Solaces and hugs.
Summer ails river
Toddler, no water, mother
Cloud aids her to play.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quite Quietly!

Rani cat’s relentless hunger made her rummage hither-thither, nothing in Kitchen or dining.  Shantini cared and caressed her pet-cat very dearly.
In her absence, Shantini’s domestic help fed the cat, but not in time.

Rani’s desire for food led her to the neighbor’s kitchen. “Aha! Hap; fish-curry reclines in a  ware here,relishing odour."                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Her eyes bulged and nostrils expanded of fish- savour, “Thank God, I can easily lick as much I want through this gap.”
Quite quietly she cat-walked and inserted her lingual-part, shutting the eyes. The house-mistress with a log in hand, BANG! O! Poor hungry Rani on running-toes.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wrap Pessimism!

(Written for haikuhorizons  Close!  Here I have taken the meaning 'shut', not intimacy.)

Wrap  pessimism in
Envelope, slam beyond mind.
Open eyes to bliss.

The tot closes not
His toy basket, but tosses;
Sees rod with mother.

Burglar breaks open
The bank's tightly-closed strong room.
Swag ho! Abundant.

The nature shuts the
Door of dusk to dark and opens
The dawn's gate to light. 
The infant observes
 Penance in womb, eyes closed; thou,
Ecstasy, art God!

   For haikuhorizons

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conditional Concern!

A hundred word story

Lakshmanan is afflicted of severe qualms now. The daughter wants to consult a doctor for her father’s calm. The son concurs to care his father in future. But he demands the domicile and the compound around as his share. He makes hay while the sun shines.

 Lakshmanan has a choice loath for son, as his family enjoys more riches than his daughter’s.

“You needn’t care me long, I am eighty five.”   
“Has the God informed you about your expiry date?” the son in insinuation.

Father succumbs to his son’s squabbles to nip bickering between the siblings in the bud itself.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Haven a Heaven!


Hearts full of care by
Jointly young and old, fills home
with serenity.

Regards and respect
 If found among inmates, a
Home truly is born.

 When hearts remain in
Unison, no foe will draw
  Closer in your home.
 Hen in pen, horse in
 Stable or cow in shed,lie
  All in calm for sleep.

    In your haven you
  Relish the seventh heaven 
 After tiring job.                    

 Palace or chalet,
Paradise is it, if it,
Procure you yourself.                           .

No building of bricks
  Form your home, if you explore
   Solace nil from it.

Monday, April 7, 2014



“Madam, you call her, you call her here, she will do,” Omana.

“Why, can’t you do it? Aren’t you free? Or don’t like to share my work here?” Shalini.

Shalini had a maid called Sarasa. She was more than regular in her attendance in Shalini’s residence, though at times her egoistic tongue and sound were full of zing. She had mastered the archery of defending her flaws in work with words very loud .And she always used to blame her fate,“I shouldn't have done this kind of job. My fortune dumped me like this.” Shalini somehow managed her, remaining reticent in dialogue with her.

One plus point was that Shalini didn’t have to lurk for Sarasa’s influx for work. Her house-cleaning went on without  any smash. More or less Shalini who was a bit soft-hearted and soft tongued, remained averse to dismiss her
 Nowadays the maid’s knee-pain has raised a hitch to her routine. It was a blessing in disguise for Shalini to propel her maid away. She decided to call her previous maid, Omana who had to depart from Shalini due to her own personal reasons.

“I have enough time. I like to work here better than the other houses,” responded Omana.

“Then, why don’t you come?”

“But, please have Sarasa here. She will be alright within a week.”

“Did you meet her?”

“Err...I.err...didn’t. But.. let her.. come…I feel sad to work in her place. She is very much in need of money,” 
Shalini understood everything. “Omana has met Sarasa before answering my invite. She wants to labour here, at the same time her mind doesn’t permit her to take up another’s job. She values the job-ethics and so is all this hesitation to come for me."

Yes, unlike Sarasa, Omana assessed her work to be priced, though she was in a mean job for the onlookers. She didn’t wish to make Sarasa deprived of her revenue. So though unwillingly, Shalini decided to grant sick-vacation to Sarasa.

 That which is ethically wrong cannot be accepted by he that keeps moral values. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Divinity! (D)


The fourth letter ‘D’ secretly occupied a holy seat in my mind travelling on the wing of ‘Divinity’, as I was sitting in the company of my system. So I chose for serving the ‘Divinity’ for ‘D’. Rallying with letters of the alphabet without touching divinity or deity will not carry any sanctity. So I am taking the liberty of emancipating some theories or beliefs (disbelief also) kept enclosed in the society here.

Deity’s existence is perhaps a question mark because the so called geniuses in the cloak of atheists deny the occurrence of a deity. I have heard them interrogate “Where was the God when Tsunami washed away lives after lives along with their belongings?”And so many other questions pertaining to such mishaps also precipitate on the surface of disbelief
The believers attribute everything positive to the divinity and the opposite to the destiny. They fail not to preach that decision, devotion, dedication and duty-mind will transmit you to destination. But it is conditional that you should deify your goal and good effort for success. Do everything upon the Great Taskmaster and his divine radiance will guide you.

Whatever it may be I believe that there is some indelible power or energy inside us or around and that is totally intangible. You call it God or Deity or even God-particle or any other name.  For example one is scared of demise which is an unwanted, unexpected caller. One cannot prognosticate when and where, how and why this guest includes one in his company. Sometimes he prefers youngsters to the oldsters even if the latter have spent a century or more of time here.

 Had everything been in man’s hand, he himself would have been scheduling his flight to the other world. Ho! Then the Earth would be overcrowded and overcrowded. Everything would be running short and the life of people would be in queues, queues and queues.

For reasons unknown some people throughout their entire life face hurdles and hardships, where as some others rejoice in the smooth flow of their life, may be because of their deed in the previous birth. They might have fallen within the grip of crime or the like. Here we can infer only one thing that good deeds earn its wage in virtues and bad in vices.

Had there been no supreme force, who or what would be controlling that which is in command of all these objects to perform their destined roles? Who prevents various articles from colliding with each other? Who shows the direction for moving objects without flaws? Had there been no imperceptible brain-let me call it brain- the whole Universe would have been an enormous mass.
So to believe Him or not is left to your perception.

“God makes and man shapes”.
“God provides for him that trusteth.”


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coconuts! (C)


(A to Z blog Challenge. For

When I thought of ‘C’ a good many ‘C’s rushed into my mind. Calf, crescendo, chivalry, cooking, clock, cock, cane, camel and numerous such ‘C’s’ in a queue loomed before me. Being a female I thought cooking is apposite here (women’s lib people may pardon me). Then being a resident of Cochin I went for the ‘C’, ‘Crossing on Kochi Roads’. As I was about to start it ‘Coconut’ stood tall in front of me. At once I climbed a coconut tree to pluck some coconuts for this dish. I don’t know how far relishing this dish would be.

As this tree’s very name ‘Coconut’ indicates ‘co’ it is a co-dweller in Kerala’s all typical dishes. The name, Kerala has come from this tree for the southernmost state of India. Keram in Kerala’s language (Malayalam) means coconut and hence Kerala is the land of coconut.

Actually the word cocos means a grinning face i.e. the three eyes on its shell give it the appearance of a smiling face. So its nomenclature ‘Coconut’ appeared on the screen of naming. It is a palm tree without branches, usually found in tropical areas.

In Kerala it is called ‘Kalpavriksha’ which signifies that all its parts will fulfill our needs and( vriksha is tree). So this entire tree is of high use and utility for the Keralites. Its root and trunk are the best logs that kindle the oven in traditional Kerala kitchen. The furniture made and moulded from the coconut timber overpowers the other types in trendy looks.

Leaves kindle fast in kitchen or any oven, shade the passersby and roof conventional houses and fence the land of farmers. The sticks of pinnate leaf form the brooms that faithfully clean your home and compound.

The fruit that has husk, fibres, shell and kernel serve the mankind without any failure. The husk and fibres give birth to ropes that shape into your door mats, mats and carpets to protect your feet and floor. Shell is a very good fuel to light up flames. Well the snow white kernels make your mouths salivate. Tender coconut, a fine thirst-quencher will lug you towards it, if once you have come within the reach of it.

The oil that the dried kernel has kept in store for us transform your food to more appetizing. Many parts are substitutes for or ingredients of medicines and cosmetics in addition.

And more over its scented sweet flowers sanctify the holy festivities and decorate the vicinity when other important festivals loom around.  So it is a tree of life ratifying most of your necessities.

Nowadays this highly priced tree and its parts have become priceless in the sense that its use has risen endlessly in factory horizons.
Coconut stands straight, erect majestically holding the head high as nature’s scepter. Let us salute this tree for it is our life tree.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Exquisite Look!

 For to Z blog Challenge! A-to-Z-Challenge-theme-reveal

What or who can remain with everything or every being in this Universe? It is a ‘She’ who can go and get blended with any sort of animate or  inanimate articles in this world .This ‘She’ is totally unbiased as by her, her acknowledgment is given to all categories of beings and objects in the world. She shares her essence with everybody, even if the amount may not be that tantamount. She can stay with the privileged as well as the poor; with the high executives as well as the low grade workers; with the oldies as well as the youths, with males as well as the females and with blacks as well as the whites. She also moves in the amity of bees, birds and beasts and trees, shrubs and weeds. She can reside in harmony with sun, moon and stars; sky, sea and valleys and even worms, insects and water creatures.She dwells in mansions and at the same time in slums also.

She is the one who has etched spots and dots on butterflies. She is the one who has imprinted stripes and patches on snakes and she is the one who has done dying on plants and blooms. Aha! What all wonders she has done on living and nonliving?  So the halo of her magnetism is sense d everywhere in everything by everyone. So let’s see who she is. She is the one who is fond of all and all are fond of her. She is none but everybody’s comrade the very ‘Beauty’ and let us feel her charisma underneath.

 The  Exquisite Look!

Which is the very word that posseses
The most exquisite look everywhere?
Why to burn, thoughts your own,
Beautifully choose the word ‘Beauty! ’.

Nature's beauty sends its signals
To stop the woe of persons well.
And adroitly hugs it gives them
 As balm for pains to rub on strains.

The beauty forms a fascinating shade,
A shade, God has added on his things ,
Using hues in ways of miracles,
 And smearing in a magical method.

The fine brush of amazement
 Moves about, the maestro, on drawings. 
Used it ,He has for  final feel 
That will draw near beholders.

Delightfully designed  Nature  has
The garb of flowers, flies, animals.
Aha! Brilliant are the feathers,
The peacocks royal proudly possess.

O! Graciously are the manes grand ,
That adorn well the kings of forests.
Seas and peaks and sand and soil
Rejoice in their splendor flawless.

O! Beauty, fall we  certainly for you
 and In thrill we dance forgetting things.
On the earth’s entire treasures,
 Prettiness lies in plenty measures.

  How will  appear Earth's surface
 Without this appeal enthralling?
 Let us elude our Earth's mess;
Ugliness has charm.if in order.