Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Gift for Mother

 Part -2  

Vishnu wanted to see his mother and himself in grand new apparel on ‘Vishu’ (a seasonal festival). So he had a plan to buy an apposite  gift for his mother. He was in possession of a substantial amount of money. He had collected it just as honey bees gather pollen to shape honey-comb. He had turned to be a slick mason within a short span of time. Mother was gratified at the concern of her dear son for her. She heaved a deep sigh of relief  to be untied from the hectic manual labour. Since she herself had to find pecuniary source after her best half's demise,she hadn't thought of new apparel.So her mind weaved web around the dream of her new garb even in her forties.
By evening Vishnu left home for ‘Vishu’ shopping. His mind wandered around the lad and so his lower limbs chose the direction of the hospital. From the expanse of the corridor he could see Thomas walking towards and away from the room repeatedly. He had clasped behind his fists together. From the contracted facial muscles and unrest movement of Thomas Vishnu read in depth some uncertainties.

 “What worries you? Could I help you?” enquired Vishnu?

With much reservation Thomas opened the door of his dilemma. “ Eh! I am.. new to this place. I am a.. salesman in a shop in this city. I have acquired a small house here. So my hands are….. emp…ty. I find no path to generate mo..ney for the hospital expen…diture.” He stammered and fumbled. As Thomas blocked his tongue, tears made rivulets on his cheeks. Vishnu’s mind imitated Thomas’s tears. Two kinds of thoughts -gift for mother  and hospital expenditure- clouded Vishnu’s mind. Finally empathy for Thomas cleared the cloud of his mind.

Thomas, though he was reluctant ,accepted the help from Vishnu who literally turned to be his son’s savior. Thomas lifted his eyelids and viewed the God in Vishnu who rescued his son from both the efflux and hospital. Thomas’s spouse who was seated at the bed of her son joined both her hands and greeted Vishnu with effusiveness. Their visual organs were full of boundless gratitude, which no kind of measuring jar could measure.

 “You have done a great thing that  a timely hand-lending is worth countless currency-notes. It is a real treasure to be cherished and nourished in my life,” voiced Thomas indebted. Thomas’s strong determination articulated thus, “You will obtain the money from me within a few months. Let me get my son reach home now.”

Mother saw her son with no packet with him after an hour or two. Her mood collected the moss of  discontent and displeasure. Her mouth grumbled a bit about her son’s empty-handed return. She chided him in soft voice, “ Give word only if you can keep. Keeping no hope is better than desperation. I knew that you might not have money enough to buy dress for both of us.”

On hearing the whole story she felt herself ashamed of her misunderstanding about her son. “You have given me, my son, a gift very much  worthier than any other son’s gift for his mother. Human weakness i.e. the longing for new attire  had blindfolded me for a moment. Oh! My beloved, you are right and you are only right, not me.”

“Little act of kindness makes this earth an Eden.,” she cuddled her son.

sarala                                                                                                               [The End]

A Gift for Mother

                                       Part-1 (It will end in two parts.)      
                                            Short Story


It was a fine morning. Vishnu was standing at one of the bath areas(kulikkadavu) of the river close at hand. His was a small house which was not annexed with a suitable toilet. So some days he assigns the mango leaves to take up the duty of cleaning his teeth. He grants leave for his brush and paste those days. He positioned himself resting the left hand on the tree with a slight slant for the body. His right hand was busy with brushing his teeth with a rolled mango leaf. A sort of pleasant atmosphere with a slim cool of ending winter bounded him.

The aroma of a bullet-wood flower(Elanji) flew about just all over and a part of it found a route to his nose. He picked a few flowers from the ground, while brushing the teeth and enjoyed its amusing smell . The natural scent created an enthusiastically charming mood in his mind. The ixora though not sweet-smelling, in an eye-catching way blinked at him.

  As he finished his brushing he strode down to the water and washed the mouth. He dived into the water and his physique as an athlete got caught into swimming fun. Some dry as well as green leaves were flowing along with the current. Without much purpose he tried to lift one two leaves in his hand. All of a sudden all his glee left room for anxiety, as something untoward touched his hand and struck his sight. Fretfully he noticed that a human head was rising and sinking in the water. At the spur of the moment as an act of reflex he caught hold of its waving short hair.

 He strove hard and somehow he saw that the owner of the hair was on the bank. It was a lad of around 10 years. Some inner spirit of Vishnu poured audacity to conduct  first aid which helped the boy open the eyes very drained. No sooner did his raucous voice flash through the air than a man standing not too far took to his toes to the venue. The latter being aware of the boy’s whereabouts called in his father, Thomas. He arrived at the location as soon as he received the message. He sensed something alarming.  People crowded there and consoled Thomas to circumvent panic and stop the outbreak of anguish. Reaching nearer his lower limbs grew heavier. He fainted  on seeing his son horizontal on the ground.

Some compassionate hearts rushed with the laddie and father to the hospital at the nearest. Detecting satiety himself in the sensible action of his, Vishnu reached home. He recounted the whole happening in front of his mother, who impatiently waited for her son to serve breakfast.

sarala                                                                               [to be cntd to 2nd part]

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Droplets



Sprinkled mangoes
 fall, children run fast  and pick.
bang mango on head..


Winter, bedewed with
Stunning drops hugs nature, fresh
 vigor in beings.


Calf suckles udder
 in joy, mother cow licks  child.
cowman impels calf.


Sits calm cowherd, in
grassland mutely grazes cow.
Twists gale, hurtle twigs.


 Bejewelled are trees
bushes and grasses, bright are
blooms; smirks Sun proudlySarala.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Globules.

(I haven't tried Haiku so far.A small step here.)


 Halcyon weather,
 children in cheer; upset them
 thunder and lightning


With delight flies to
 flower beetle; covet him
 bloom  with  covert glance.


The storks' flock stands still.
The children at merriment
 scamper on the ridge.


Pond lurks keenly for
 the swimmers; Little men leap
 and turmoil water

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Like your Life, Love your Life and Live it with Life!


                      2nd part

Often we hear, “I love it, I love him, I love that” and the like. What do you mean by the term ‘Love’? What is love? About the word’ Love’ you may say that it is the tender feeling, affection, fondness and a range of things like that. But how will you come to the know-how’s of it? Is it a bowl of palatable eatables that provide you lingual pleasure? Is it a perfume that spreads pleasant aroma for you? Is it a beautiful article that attracts your attention? Is it a stunning scene that acts as a feast for your optic organs? Is it the pretty vicinity that makes you feel active? Is it an occurrence of a friendly person’s or relative’s presence that formulates you comfortable? Is it a melodious lovely tune that brings you to a halt from busy schedule?  No, love is none of these or yes, love is all of these and the response of a great many such questions.

 Like ‘Like’ Love also exhibits its transformation as hatred, antagonism, aloofness etc. in due course of time. Love too falls as victim in the hands of its inverse and time may do the vice versa. At the same time the various aspects of ‘Love’ plant the seedlings of very many qualities or values also in your personality. Altruism, humanity, sympathy, empathy, hard work etc. bloom on those plants of your life. At times both  the ‘Love  and Like’ are synonymous with each other or ‘Like’ is the lining of ‘Love’. Various sorts of ‘Like  and Love’ are there.  And hence a bulky number of animate and inanimate things can be enlisted under ‘Like’ and ‘Love’. If you have ‘Like’ towards anything you will love it. Life-conditions and time are two factors  that determine the depth of  ‘Love and Like’.

When we say that ‘Like’ and ‘Love’ lie in the core condition of your life we should analyse the terminology ‘Life’. What do you understand by ‘Life’? Is it the process of inhale and exhale of air? Is it the pendulum-like oscillation of your body?  Is it cuisine and consumption of food? Is it the metabolism and allied processes? Is it growth and development of the body? Is it a comfortable sleep and rouse? Is it the  action of your limbs for work? Is it adoption of techniques for remuneration? Is it the amity of  the members of your family? Is it recreation and amusement? Is it a nomadic movement from place to place? Is it earning some bucks for bread and butter? I don’t relate any of the unwelcome activities with life. The life of the craftsmen of that category  is tantamount to demise only..
 No, ‘Life’ is none of these. O! Yes, it is the sum total of all these and it is also the responses of a great many other interrogations. No unambiguous line that represents the full-fledged definition of ‘Like, Love or Life’ has ever been drawn by anybody. It is a multi-wheeled  locomotive that is in motion on the tracks of ‘Like’ and ‘Love’. I feel that today the wheels of life that keep on  rolling and rolling are fabricated from intolerance, rage ,vying, violence ,a nil rapport  condition etc.  None lives a proper life on this green planet. No one on earth is to one’s hearts content and peaceful. If at all a very few are there, they might have bidden goodbye to the worldly life  and built a nest in spirituality to migrate into. As a spectator you watch all these doings by such ones also, you may identify the superfluous and make-belief acts in numerous cases. If you dig deep into their hearts ,you can unearth there a hunt for peace and pleasure. To upgrade your life like it, love it and live it with life.

 ‘Adopt steps that will lead you to be bold,
 Reap you can then cent percent gold.’

So ‘Love all, hate none,
believe a few and follow one.’

You will obtain satiety in life and can live a life with life in it.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Like your Life, Love your Life and Live it with Life!

Since this article has attained length, I have segregated half as a separate entity to be posted subsequent to this post.
‘Oh! My life, what are you?
Could anyone tell?
No, not a single person
has told it well.’

This piece I have taken from ‘Life’ a poem penned and posted by rudraprayaga in the initial stage of  blogging. Life is not a bed of roses, but some days it is. For some people it is. Not always and not for all.

Before I spell out the topic I would highlight certain qualms to be countered. And I too would try expounding the matter in my own manner.

What do you mean by the lexis ‘Like’? Is it the fondness for things around you? Or is it the softness for the lovely situation you wish for? Is it the warmth towards your kith and kin that are very near and dear? Is it the pleasure you experience from a joyful incident? Is it an attachment towards the gains due to the pains you have taken on an aspiration? Is it the attraction towards vision-catching objects? Is it the inclination towards mind-blowing situations? I believe ‘Like’ is none of these or it is a compound chemically bound from all these.

 The word ‘Like’ finds its abode in the responses of all the above and without that word endurance of your ‘self ’in your life will face hurdles. ‘Like’ and dislike are two sides of the leaf of life, for ‘Like’ does not persist for ever and may end in dislike. ‘Like’ transforms itself into various other forms like aversion, negligence, disposal etc. from time to time, person to person and situation to situation. That is why we discard old goods and bring about changes in the ambience of the domestics.

You at one location may obtain a regard from a person and may experience a detriment at some other circumstance from the same person. Objects also assume the position of ‘Like’ at one instant and  fall instrumental to dislike at another event.  E.g. however dearly  adored may an article be, in the rapid current of time that article may grow fainter and the ‘Antonym’ of ‘Like’ merges with the stuff of that. In fact long constant association of persons may saw the seeds of inertia leading to disgust among them. You may like a person or a thing in accordance with your mental stage, physical condition and time availability. Like and dislike are the two wheels of your day today life’s events.

Sarala                                                                                             to be contd to part-2.