Friday, November 18, 2011

part-2 .....that never returns...


Majority of the buildings were  typical village houses, befitting and fulfilling the little-little needs of the owners .The houses were mostly ‘Nalukettu’ with an open large quadrangle surrounded by spacious verandas. This sort of houses allowed free flow of fresh air and entry of sunlight in plenty. These houses had an annex exclusively meant for the cattle they kept. At least two bullocks, three or four milch cows and their calves regally enjoyed the special care as equal  as the children did. The elders as well as the children took pleasure in  fondling these cattle on their forehead and body. In fact they bowed before the master obedient enough, in order to get caressed. So everywhere one could smell the fragrance of bondage of oneness among the inhabitants of the houses and the village as a whole.

The  oxen  ploughed the fields and cows fed the children. And more over goats that produced nutritious milk, also had their place in some of the houses. They all blissfully grazed in the vacant lands and pastures, joyfully swinging the body. Cow-herds were entrusted with the care of  cattle, whereas  cow men shouldered the responsibility of milking cows. Mother Nature also had graced  the village with ample grasses and greens.    Besides these animals,  cats and hens  proudly occupied the interior of some of the houses. Dogs watched the houses as a reward for the shelter he obtained, though he wasn’t as fortunate as today’s ones. Today the dogs are VIP’s[very important pets] and hence they lead a royal life and their moving area is inside.

  Coming to know the person in me  ,who had her childhood in this paradise,  the C.D of the past time has to be played. The visuals of the early years of my infancy are not so vivid rather a bit blank only. As I view that of my  younger siblings and other younger ones, I assume that I had  had a similar profile. Almost all the childhoods of the neighbourhood resemble one another in the general mode of procuring their adulthood. So mostly I’ll walk through the path of  ‘we’ not ‘I’. Most of the families followed a joint family system and hence selfishness had no room over there. Since the family was not of nuclear type, the elder children took charge of the younger siblings, not necessarily the mother only. People from houses around extended their helping hands to a greater extent in domestics as well as child-rearing. They were not paid any cash, but they enjoyed meals like breakfast and lunch at various times in return. Of course celebrations like vishu , onam etc. were occasions which kept some money in their fist from the master’s pocket. In general the pecuniary circumstances of the villagers were not so good, yet they were contended with what they had.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

part-1…….that never returns….....

At times knowingly or unknowingly a procession of childhood memories creep into people' mind.I too am an example for that.And so is this write up titled ...
                         .... that never returns...

        Part -1

There are a good many things that never return in their original forms. The time that we spend, the food that we gulp, the objects that burn, the lives that expire etc. are a few of such things. There is one thing that everybody likes or rather loves to experience at least once more in life, but cannot, is nothing but our childhood. And that will never- never appear before us once more and that is a paradox which we have to go by. Yet sometimes we wish we were children without any wish for achievements and without any chains for movements. But we can have a voyage along with our mind through the seas of our good old days of getting patted and pampered .There will be none who have not reached the shore of sweet childhood, sailing in the ship of their memory. And so also is no different my case, as many a time, the childhood of mine, once pedaled in my beloved village,  registers its presence in the ledger of my leisure hours.

  Yes, now I’m there at the panorama of my village which is in  the south of India. The southernmost part of India contains a small corrugated leaf-like state called Kerala. The village with its picturesqueness steals the mind of its visitors as well as the dwellers. It was, yes, it was full of tall trees with swaying twigs and bushes with lots and lots of flowers{And now more or less concrete trees or jungles have displaced the very charm of our lovely village}. Butterflies and birds fluttered by and visited their favourite nectar storage to feast themselves sufficiently. That was indeed a colourful sight. Wells quenched the thirst of peasants, while ponds refreshed them after the day’s work. Fields grew grains in abundance and trees and plants yielded fruits and flowers in plenty. They dressed up in the apparels of three crops  annually, two turns of paddy and one turn of sesame or horticulture.  The cool breeze fanned the people in the hot sun. The sun never failed to attend to his duties and shone on all the stone pebbles and sand particles. The monsoons were real ambrosia for the villagers, as they awaited it, just like hornbills did for rains. Birds often turned to be great singers and sang melodious tunes for the villagers. They occupied  their seats in branches to watch coolly the things going on smoothly in their jurisdiction.. Nights also exhibited the luster and lure of her children-the moon and stars, whenever required.

 The land owners and the peasants kept a sincere bond of love and affection with each other. One could observe and feel a oneness between them. The peasants took care of the fields and cultivations whereas the masters cared for the workers’ welfare. Pretension had space seldom in the minds of both the giver and the taker. They understood the barriers that hindered each other and so they could overcome the difficulties with a combined endeavor. In general the occupants of my village possessed a light heart in hardships as well as prosperities because they had no sky breaking dreams or ambitions. Innocence and earnestness ruled the inhabitants’ minds as a whole.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preeta's Poem

             I had a loving niece, who had endeared herself to all her kith and kin by the way of both her deed and word. She was  an intellect whose thinking span was at a higher level. Her gait, looks, behaviour, manners and everything had a uniqueness that drew everybody’s attention. Alas! She is no more after the sweet age of twenty.  Though she fell into the clutches of malignancy, she left her footprints in the form of  numerous verses. Before publishing them  she had to depart from here. I would like to post some of them in the blog, as and when time permits . Most of her lines speak about love or nature. One of her poems goes thus…..[ I feel this poem is a prognostic.]

                                         A Sole Day

                                     Above is father
The heaven of peace
Below is earth
The maiden of trees
She has foibles
She faces ordeals.
But immune heaven
Has nothing bleary.
Minstrels of earth
Had much in count,
Nay, but the good
Has prayer, in spirit
‘A Sole Day’
To recline in peace
On Father in heaven
When will thee
Bestow your love?
Mine’s too an urge
A spotless day.

Preeta Nair

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Osama and Obama
God only knows if Obama{I mean the U.S}was, much before, aware of the Hideouts of  the ‘Bin’ ‘Laden’[Bin Laden] with all the rubbish to inflict suffering on the innocent and helpless. Rather the U.S may even have approach towards the outfits of the Terrorists other than Osama.. When the time becomes ripe for them to exhibit the power which they desire to exercise on all other countries, they will perform some circus on the beastliness of the extremists. India easily falls into the coaxing of theirs and they take the maximum advantage out of it. Will India’s leaders wake up and work for the motherland or only pack their pockets for ten or more generations of their successors? This is what some people like us have felt,may be correct or may be wrong. Should the affected countries truly take measures to wipe off this evil ,the innocent mankind can heave a sigh of relief.