Monday, March 28, 2016

Climate Club!

Uncle time has cute wives four,
In climate club they’ve membership.
“Prettier is me,” they all think,
 Sweet is each, but one is more.
 The dame named Spring has
A prettified look
With blooms of all kinds
On all her garments.
Spreading the aroma of scent
She sprays; enters gently
 In style much special
Exhibiting all her chic with pride.
Fall for her, the passersby
As, she bears a smile spellbound.
Keeps she peeps of covert mode
And rejoices at her lovely make.
When she goes, comes, Summer furious,
Wearing garbs of precious brightness
 Borrows this lass sticks from Sun, 
Slaps she Beings, if hinder her way.
Appears Autumn in costume dull 
And quenches, this girl the thirst of Earth.     She when goes for slumber long
Coolly Emerges madam winter.
Chilling properties, Mother Earth owns
Makes her presence apparent.
Frowns if one  with discontent
Things will turn here topsy-turvy. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Smile that Marched into Minds!

Yes, it is about a heartening hearty smile. That smile marched straight into the minds of whoever came across it. This smile is from none other than the deceased Jishnu. It seems that Yamaraj is determined to populate the other world with cine-celebrities. That may be why he is engaged in transporting souls from the Malayalam movie industry. He doesn’t draw any demarcation lines between young or old or male or female. Some of them are even half-open flowers that have not fully experienced the wide varieties of life patterns here.

It is a fact that many of the cine-world people have sought their abode above and among them some die young also. In fifties or sixties or less than that they choose to leave the stage.  2016 is in fact very cruel to the artists as it has claimed many a life from that industry in particular from Malayalam. One or two from all the categories-actor, director, music director, cinematographer, lyric writer etc. have had their journey for cine-work in the other world.

 Kalpana had started the game. Then the batten was passed on to Shan, ONV and Anandakuttan to name a few. I think the number will exceed the count on our ten fingers. Now the batten lies with Jishnu. Jishnu, the thirty five-year-old had tried to trounce the destiny by his winning smile and commendable confidence. His face was a cute canvass where he displayed everything tinted in smile. Not only that, his fingers helped him pour the magic and miracle lying behind a smile through face book posts. Smile became his watch-word and he dipped his lips always in it. His words coated with smile provided to the kith and kin an assurance of survival. His smile directly enters into our heart which received it with adoration. One who followed his face book post could not believe that he had to bid bye so soon.

The vacuum that he created in his home and among friends cannot be filled with the interaction of any other person. The energy and spirit embedded in his language is no doubt unforgettable. His forever departing disappearance from his parents pulls out a few drops of tears from my eyes as if they say, "Two drops of tears for you,Jishnu." It carves a mark providing an ache and a slightly bleeding wound in my mind also. I am not a relative or a fan of Jishnu and others. Still my fingers chose the key board of my system. May all the souls that left us find a comfortable stay in heaven!