Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If Only You Were Here!

“O! How dark is the sky, just like a dense jungle devoid of even fire-flies? Au! What is looming yonder? Is it a man? Oh! No, it grows gigantically emitting a feeble light. God! Is it advancing towards me?”

 I put the shutters of my eyes tightly.  None was around me. Body turned ice-cold. Panic swallowed me . Tongue hid somewhere. Heart-beat spoiled the terrified silence. Body trembled violently furnishing a tremor around.

 “If only you were here”, I thought about husband. I felt a snail crawling on my visage. I opened the eye-lids. My kid’s kiss.  A dream.I smiled.



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Truly Alive!

 A mini story

The verdict shows the ethics have not expired, but truly alive in this soil. Raju, the nineteen-year-old was one among the hosts of youngsters recurrently visited Bhavani amma .

Bhavani amma’s hand and tongue performed for the youngsters’ tongue and ear. A childless educated, old widow with a massive bank-balance could do what other than tuning to eating and chatting with the equivalents of grand children.
Food, politics, movies, serials etc. journeyed through their mouths. Parents kept objection nix, since their offspring   didn’t dawdle after lass and liquor.

Alas! Raju’s   greed for luxury concluded Bhavani amma’s life-story. He was condemned and convicted for life-imprisonment.


Friday, September 13, 2013


 Holy Universal tree blooms 
 Bearing glittering flowers, stars and
Fruity Moon,in gloaming.

Tall trees, satin-green grassy
Land and holy snakes’ idols are aha!
 Divine in Mini-forest.

Holy-day is holy for
Tots, for they enjoy the holiday
Well with colours and games

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Kitchen makes tangy food,
The mess-room, stomach, is merrily full.
The house gasps, hiccoughs.
Stench from mother’s cuisine,
Pudding was charred, loud din among
Toddlers and children. 

Mother’s cuisine rich in
Love and care is relishing much.
Mind is filled with thrill.


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Insert thoughts  in strings
Of imagination and garland
Haiku heights, Viewers cheer.

Plants form a flower-chain
Of ‘vibgyor’ in my garden.
A fair for visitors.

Wedding without chain
Of blooms is dry without charm.
Milieu turns discoloured.

This garland of world
God makes ready with blossoms of
 Beings in varieties.

The Onam-fly

The translation of my previous post in Malayalam

Onam moon-light and Onam fly
Run serenely to the track of gala.
Minds of people are euphoric
To welcome the reverent  Maveli.

Girls all, form your gaggle-group,
Go , pick the basket from loft.
Pluck the flowers you love the most
For  the *‘pookkalam’ of your home.

Fasten a swing on a mango bough
And sway and twirl you, merrily there.
Swinging and singing in Onam days
 Really wipes your grief off full.

Rivers two of popular nature
In* ‘Aranmula’ and ‘Payippad’
Take pleasure, plenty with people
In  the boat-race run by natives.

The gush of Onam’s  sweet  smelling scent,
The gust of wind here daintily spreads.
*Utraadam  and Tiruvonam spot
Holy reception of  royal God.

*1‘pookkalam’-Floral decoration in front of the house.
*‘Aranmula’ and ‘Payippad’- The names of two rivers in which  boat races of Onam take place.
*Utraadam and Tiruvonam- Days are known after the Malayalam names of stars.

Friday, September 6, 2013


   This simple verse I scribbled on Onam. Non-Keralites pl. pardon me. The translation will follow.

ഓണനിലാവും ഓണതുമ്പിയും
ഓടിയണഞ്ഞു  ഓണം  കളിയ്ക്കാന്‍. 
മാവേലി മന്നനേ വരവേല്‍ക്കാനായ്
മനസ്സുകളുണര്‍ന്നു ആഹ്ലാദത്താല്‍. 

പെണ്‍കൊടിമാരെ വല്ലമെടുക്കൂ  
പൂക്കാളിറുക്കൂ  പൂക്കളംതീര്‍ക്കൂ.
മാവിന്‍ കൊമ്പിലൊരൂഞ്ഞാല്‍ കെട്ടാം
ഊയലാടാം കൂട്ടമായ്‌ വന്നാൽ.  

പായിപ്പാട്ടും ആറന്‍മുളയിലും 
വഞ്ചിപ്പാട്ടിന്‍ മേളം മുഴങ്ങും.
തീത്തിത്താരോ പാടിത്തുഴയും
വഞ്ചിക്കളിയില്‍ വിജയിക്കാനായ്.

ഉത്രാഡത്തിന്‍ അപരാഹ്നത്തില്‍
ഓണക്കാറ്റിന്‍ സുഗന്ധം പരക്കും.
തിരുവോണനാളില്‍ വരവായ് തമ്പുരാന്‍
വിളക്കു കൊളുത്തി  സ്വീകരിക്കൂ



Wednesday, September 4, 2013


      This being my first post was viewed by none.  Since Ganesh Chathurdhi is nearing us I felt it apt for re-posting it. 
He who is adored greatly, he who is revered highly,
He who is loved ardently, he who is worshipped deeply,
Removes the barriers I face, provides the bliss I yearn for,
 Clears the pavement I walk on, blesses with things I wish for,
Grants the wishes I desire, brings the glory I look for,
 Fulfills the dreams I see, Cares the family I belong to,
Puts me to action from inaction, leads me to shelter from theft,
Awakes me to light from dark, protects me to shade from heat,
Keeps me to courage from cowardice, holds me to safety from danger,
Guides me to health from ill health, takes me to food from hunger,
Drives me to virtue from vices, pushes me to awareness from ignorance,
Drags me to calmness from tension, slides me to gladness from sadness.
It’s me who prostrates before him, it’s me who bows in front of him,
 It’s me who prays for his presence, it’s me who longs for his hand.
 Oh! My lord, the beloved Ganesh, you are my loadstar,
You are my spirit, you are my soul, and you are my energy .
You lie here within me and steer me to destination,
 And you turn all my stones to my will with full compassion.
 Pour in our lap in plenty ,peacefulness  with sympathy,
 And forgive us all, for a lot we all posses apathy.



Through bush and meadow,
Steers, shepherd his herd of sheep.
Zephyr fans them with care.

Sheep’s stomach is full
And shepherd’s mind is gleeful.
Swinging hands he grins.

May there be fairs or
Festivals, minds not the shepherd.
Victual is in leaf.

Good shepherd, the Christ
Leads herd to right, his sheep fling
Hither-thither in unruly way.