Saturday, February 12, 2011


He, who greatly I adore, he, who highly I revere,

He, who ardently I love and he, who I worship sacredly,

Eliminates the barriers I face, provides the bliss I yearn for,

 Clears the pavement I walk on, cares the family I belong to,

Grants the wishes I deserve, blesses with things I crave for,

 Fulfills the reveries I dream, brings the glory I look for,

Impels me to action from inertia, awakes me to light from dark,

Protects me to shade from heat, holds me to safety from danger,

Funnels me to courage from cowardice, leads me to shelter from theft,

Takes me to food from hunger, keeps me in health from ill health,

Drives me to virtues from vices, pushes me to alertness from ignorance,

Drags me to serenity from stress, slides me to glee from glum.

It’s me that prostrates before him; it is me that bows in front of him,

 It’s me that prays for his presence; it is me that pines for holding his hand.

 Oh! My lord, my beloved Ganesh; of my life, you are the guide

You are my spirit, you are my soul and you are my energy too.

It is you that lie here within me and it is you that to destination steer me,

And it is you that help me cover in completion all my mile stones,

It is you that through your compassion and concern channel my way.

 And it is you that pour in my lap comfort and peace ample

And it is you that forgive me, for in plenty own, apathy I may

And it is you that sees me in slumber comfy, when the day done.


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