Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preeta's Poem

             I had a loving niece, who had endeared herself to all her kith and kin by the way of both her deed and word. She was  an intellect whose thinking span was at a higher level. Her gait, looks, behaviour, manners and everything had a uniqueness that drew everybody’s attention. Alas! She is no more after the sweet age of twenty.  Though she fell into the clutches of malignancy, she left her footprints in the form of  numerous verses. Before publishing them  she had to depart from here. I would like to post some of them in the blog, as and when time permits . Most of her lines speak about love or nature. One of her poems goes thus…..[ I feel this poem is a prognostic.]

                                         A Sole Day

                                     Above is father
The heaven of peace
Below is earth
The maiden of trees
She has foibles
She faces ordeals.
But immune heaven
Has nothing bleary.
Minstrels of earth
Had much in count,
Nay, but the good
Has prayer, in spirit
‘A Sole Day’
To recline in peace
On Father in heaven
When will thee
Bestow your love?
Mine’s too an urge
A spotless day.

Preeta Nair

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