Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Yes, I am Happy'

Little Ann, lithe though.;
Sad at hapless state,
For not a soul to caress,
Nor a play-fellow;
Wanders amidst trees,
A certain tree ahead,
‘Lonely’ thought she,
Tiny voice that voiced,
“Are you happy, tree?”
Long- long branches
In majestic state that bow,
“ I am happy.”
Wonders little Ann,
“But you have nothing!”
Sway the branches
A smile concealed.
‘For, Good little Missy,
Wrong though you are
But earth my mother,
My father brilliant sky,’
 ‘Oh! The good world,
My friend and fellow,’
Thought little Ann,
Calmed by the soothing
That unawares crept,’

Thought her little mind, wondering
‘This beautiful world’
Her mother, father-everyone,
‘Earth the floor, sky the roof’
Then sweet whisper, to loving tree
“ Yes, I am happy,
 Thanks to you.”

Preeta Nair

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