Friday, August 21, 2015

Life, But no Life!

Namita possessed with esteem the post of a probationary officer in a New Gen Bank. Though she had graduated in Engineering she preferred a job in a bank.  As a natural course of life she became a wife and subsequently a mother. The completion of her motherhood-leave pushed her back to the seat in the bank. The hard copy of a memorandum lain with her boss awaited to welcome her. Its read definitely crippled her muscles on her visage and curved more her already curved eyebrows. It boomed out indicating the notice period of sacking her from there stating some baseless reasons. Of course her sincerity and efficiency dissolved all the hitches on her way to another job. But the pre-new-job period had provided her much anguish and anxiety. Leave for a longer period acted as the cutting sword on her job. No softness or work ethics  greeted her to linger to that job.

Why I have mentioned this introduction because no humane ground prevails in human minds in today’s day to day affairs. It is true that the bank dealings run smoothly with the contribution of all employees. But how can they make persons deprived of their personal need? Human values such as empathy, sympathy, clemency, courtesy, respect, regard, obedience, obeisance, patience, tolerance, fortitude, forgiveness etc have place scarce in the social space now a days. They instead vanish from people’s mind figuring out no uses here, regardless of their needs. And if at all they stay back a little bit, they find no time to come to the vanguard of people’s deed. Today’s main predicament is time, time constraint and ‘no time cry’ we hear from every nuke and cranny.

Today many of the youngsters in fact hold good records of academics undeniably. Their work force earns them basket full of cash. Draw they handsome remuneration, live they in mansions with expanse, travel they in expensive motor-mediums and obtain they all devices for comforts. Effusive lavishness of theirs in general has replaced the miserliness of people in spending. In toto they buy luxuries, provide for charities, spend for families and contribute for social needs. They are unquestionably healthy in wealth, though not a great deal in delight. It was not the way the oldsters lived their young life. They didn’t cart bags full of cash wherever they went. In truth they were devoid of cash in abundance. They were but wealthy in health. There are so many other youngsters and oldsters now too finding it difficult to meet both the ends. Disparities hold some on the highest branch of prosperity while a good many have to struggle, yet no reach to riches. 

Do we all today have a life full of life or does a single person live an apposite life? A big’ No’ is its response. People may sure boast of joyful days, delightful life etc.etc. But sure they will hide a dark shade somewhere in their life span. They may dream of a hundred plans in their minds of which today’s work load allows them not to fulfill even fifty percent. And that leaves a strip of disappointment in their minds and that strip goes on nagging their costly calm.

Present day’s limited free time allows not one to spend one’s hard-earned money in a fruitful style.  Time troubles people mercilessly by flying away at a supersonic speed. Recreation and amusement have no reception amongst the youngsters now. Social gatherings also turn to be more formal with seldom scope of merriment. Hither-thither when such things pave their paths to human lives, the very vivid villain in the array of mobile phone appears as a spoilsport. This spoilsport snatches from the people their attention and interest at the fullest. The upshot is only physical presence of theirs there without any entertainment.

 People have become machines running for hours and hours together ignoring all the tenderness of their life. They get up early, very early turn the key to start their body-vehicle, which takes a few rounds inside the residence and runs to the office campus, attains the position and remains ‘on’ till night. No possibility of witnessing the sweet sunrise and sunset both. No scenes or sceneries attract their attention. In fact they wander or have to wander after reputation, position and remuneration in today’s social climate. If this is continued a time will come when people feel themselves alien to their natural habitat. 

 Caring the parents, rearing the children well, having fun with all, keeping good rapport with the spouse, proper sleep, reading the books of choice, tidying the residence, keeping appealing dress-sense, eating toothsome food etc have acceptance less in peoples’ lives. It is none of their negligence, but the workload eats away everybody’s time and quite with no concern.

The plight of the offspring of the present is such that the weight they carry back and forth for schooling is inestimable. The little legs running hunchbacked with heavy bags cut a sorry figure in beholders’ eyes. At dawn kids of age one onwards are from bed to toes and the poor are compelled to perform everything in semi-sleep conditions. Six working days and farness from home for eight to ten hours  for the playschool, school and tuition centres literally turn the young generation disinterested in everything. Curriculum becomes a nightmare for many. The persuasion from the parents only ignites seriousness in some of them to obtain better scores in the exams. And that achievement just happens and it is not goal-linked. Dearth of leisure-time, exhaustion of energy and no play for fun etc. fill laziness and dullness in children.  

Lack of rest and freedom in both young and grownups leads to fatigue and tension, the result is stress and strain. Sometimes communication ends in a confronting climax.   The elders go to the extent of exercising their stiffness on their innocent brood. They objurgate children for no reason. The brood fall prey to blows and slaps also.

The corporate or business houses pay huge wages to their employees, extracting all their juices. They do not allow the people to take pleasure in living. They if appoint two persons to share one person’s load and salary, they will get their watchwords, productivity and profit climb on board. Then two families will be benefitted, disparity between haves and have-nots will be diminished, exorbitant price-rise will reverse due to reduced salary with people and the society will enjoy facilities much more.

Even the business magnates do not live their life. Amidst lavishness too the thoughts of conquering heights more and more haunt their peace of mind. Always they are engaged in exploring strategies, introducing innovations, planning activities and so on. So they too do not benefit from an exact life’s excitement. What for all these? Reasonable profit and, gradual expansion, tolerable duty-amount will create a hindrance-free atmosphere in duty spot. That will bring forth vigour and vibrant situation in the work conditions. The outcome is more profit.

 One day all will have to bid adieu from here for the Godly abode above.   Only one life, let people live that without much hitches. And thus today’s world order can be remodelled. The governments Globe wide should think in the line of letting the citizens lead a life full of life.



  1. Hari OM
    an interesting treatise on work-life balance... or lack thereof! I would be inclined to say that each and every one of us is responsible for 'leading a life full of life'; governments can help provide for those gaps where lack appears, but even within those, we alone must adjust our attitude to handle what our prarabdha brings to us. ... it is an enormous subject. Your thoughts and wishes sing clearly! YAM xx

  2. well said
    now a days people dont have time
    just work and work

  3. Well written post on today's busy life...

  4. Hello,

    Well written post on today's busy life which people are compelled to live for survival.

    This post reminds me of a quarrel between a father and a grown up son. The angry son accused the father that the parents did not do any thing for the son when he was small. The upset father pointed out that the father and mother worked hard to provide for the son and get him good education. However, the son disagreed with this defense of the father. The son told the father that when the son came home from school there was no one at home to receive him and even give him a glass of water. The son had to sit alone in the house till the parents came home from work.

    This shows very clearly that the busy parents to earn money neglected the son and as a result the son became very rebellious and very disrespectful to the parents.

    Times have changed and we have become very busy although we have too much leisure time due to the invention of washing machine, food processing machines, ready made foods etc,.

    Mobile phones have changed our lives very drastically and we have no time even to write letters.

    Excellent post.

    Best wishes

  5. True. Parents in the pursuit of money forget family's tender needs. Actually at day break we feel that we'll do this,we'll do that and such, but accomplishment happens only for a few.Someway or other we are busy and time is always running away from us.Thank you for your comment.