Monday, May 2, 2016

Out in the Open!

Dawn, ah! Lying afresh, out in the open,
 Invites us from the room’s dark
And welcomes us with a broad laughter,
Much caringly clasping us abreast.
Clear the throats, the Crows in the nests
To compete with the vocalists, Cuckoos
And Cuckoos in a manner assertive
Start singing in their sugary tone
Of  a voice contralto, yet having tenor,
Not caring opponents if any.
The athletes, squirrels practice their race
Through the tracks of trees tall
 To keep away from the cruel clutches
Of their butchers, the Cats, roaming about
In vain targeting the Squirrels, but
 Well-groomed are they in the race art.
The bushes and trees standing there
Are in an amusing mood indeed;
And therefore clap, they well their hands
Shaking their bodies well in speed
In tune with Cuckoos’ melodious tones,
That is clearly audible to listeners.
Performs the Wind boogie-woogie
Wobbling speedily from left to right.
And joins joyfully hands with the band
That the birds and plants have formed.

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  1. Awesome word-painting, Sarala! Loved it:)

  2. Pretty well told - the early morning

  3. nature is open and ready, are we?

  4. I like your "wind boogie-woogie!"

  5. A song to the opening of the day and the awakening of nature!

  6. Beautifully penned. Well written.

  7. I love the images you paint in this piece ... nature is beautiful, and so is your poem :-)

  8. Each word penned with utmost sincerity and beauty, love all of it!
    Thank you for your continued support, going through a period of loss vision, hopes keeping me alive 😃