Saturday, October 8, 2016

Common Man’s Wings!

Travels paint in railway station on
The picture bright on canvas around.
The multi-hued picture shows us
Actions slow and fast in station.
Humming sound of stirring people
Remind of bees buzzing in hives.
Bag and baggage coolies load
And unload in their special pattern.
Kith and kin while help their dear ones,
Hinder people, beggars for alms.
Slowly trains, start the Drivers,
With a view to speedily moving.
Wings of common man,form trains,
To fly in journeys, long and short.
Tedious turns the travel some days,
Many can’t access restful berths.
Plan your trips for comfort-making,
Lighten luggage for less discomfort.
Prudent hugs impossible nothing,
Diligent has the feel of possible.
Laziness is a craven subject,
Defeat pushes to abyss, success.
Set a goal to gain your craves,
And always try to expel loss.

Do you find anything in the words used here?


  1. "Expel loss," an intersting idea....

  2. Set a goal to gain your craves. I like that.

  3. Hmm , first gave a decent picture , a visual imaging and then ended with some advise.

  4. I could relate to life's journey.Very nicely written.

  5. one should plan the train travel in advance.
    beautifully written captured human emotions

  6. Hello,

    Such a wonderful descriptions of the railway station which is is beehive of activity.

    You ended fabulously with a great advice for success. wonderful thoughts

    Best wihes

  7. In these lines I have used antonyms a lot.