Sunday, April 3, 2011


 Hark! What is that noise we heard?
Is it a mountain’s breaking sound?
Is it the sky that is falling down?
Oh! It is a floating wall that drowns.

It is indeed a dazzling sight,
Water is rising to a coconut’s height.
 Oh! It is Tsunami, the rolls of water,
The rolls are the mighty ocean’s waves.

Where are the ones that stood on the shore
Making merry with kith and kin of theirs?
God! The harbour waves swept them away
Without leaving any, whether asleep or awake.

Roars and cries filled the whole air,
Shrieks and screams echoed everywhere.
Running and rushing to vehicles found there,
Rays of escape were felt even a bit nowhere

Flood of blood reddened the sand,
Bodies of dead filled the fairground,
Beauty of beach has totally disappeared,
Boundary of land is really submerged.

Look at that old man standing in numb,
What he can do now is just to stump
With heaviness in heart and tears in eyes
He witnessed with sorrow the belonging’s loss.
The houses man inherited, the money he hoarded,
The dreams he cherished, the articles he relished,
Alas! All such favourites were completely perished
And the mouth of the wave everything swallowed.

Siblings of many people faded out of sight,
The sense of many others was lost in fright,
Homeless, foodless and cashless they turned
And waited in vain for the dear ones to return.

Fear and panic silenced the surroundings,
Arising questions in the minds of survivors.
Temples and churches dissolved in water,
Mosques also escaped not, it did wither.

What is the meaning in fighting for wealth?
Your might and money will no way help,
Power and position will never give you lift,
When you fall into the ditch of death.

Obstacles in abundance may hinder you easily,
Spectacles of far sight may save you actually,
This life in fact is a God-given gift,
Use it fruitfully, before a dearth it comes to.


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