Saturday, April 16, 2011


India stands on the tip of a volcano which contains Lava of common man’s burning fury. The worshipful crusader Mr. Hasare has just struck a match stick on the box and any time it may grow into a big flame to gulp all the atrocities.. The support expressed by the mass is a paradigm in this entity. The corrupt politicians, the monstrous mafias, the brutal terrorists and all such ruffians and rowdies have kept within their clutches the economy of our country. This economy amounts to countless multiples of country’s actual currency. Whenever a scam arises, all sorts of actions leading to nothing will crop up and finally everyone will sleep under hibernation. Election is another white elephant which does not attach any value to honesty and patriotism. Rather money, muscle and community powers pocket the candidature. Ungainly freebies, baseless promises, black cash for votes, special lifts for minorities’ etc. determine the success of candidates. People of major community are treated as second class citizens here as they exhibit unity not. The malicious rulers and other members of the government make it a point to keep a divide among them at any cost. I don’t say that all the governing people are wicked. May be there some members having clean hands which are tightly fastened with the rope of others’ influence and indulgence. So if any scam not only the telecom one precipitates in the country’s affairs. it should be totally uprooted and all the atrocious men should be punished deservingly. All the citizens irrespective of religion or region should abide by the same civil law and enjoy the motherhood of this country equally. Otherwise a day may dawn when the furious youths will demolish all the illegal palaces erected by the greedy politicians at the sweat of common man. So it is the ripe time all people stood in unity and acted in unison.It is a very humble request to people with a true heart to teach a lesson to the inhuman human beings.


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