Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Activity apt for Lessons!


Activity apt for lessons in education
Strengthens students in all directions.
Children in action show self projection
And they attain themselves  satisfaction.

Learning informal wipes off tension
And oneness feeling comes in this situation.
Problems and barriers find a reduction,
When friends share work in equal division.

Happy appearence expand in multiplication,
The path of learning ends in perfection.
Provide, teachers, apparent suggestion
And contentment they show in remuneration.

When soil of mark system flows in erosion,
Self confidence of students grows in addition.
As plants of grades many stand in erection,
The fright of children moves to subtraction.

The teacher makes meticulous preparation,
That improves the quality of school’s production.
The students gain a development of completion
And all these amount to result good in education.

Tie the children with natives good connection
And, in future, it stands beneficial to our nation.
Become they, in future, citizens pulling attention.
To uphold in full swing harmony and  integration.