Friday, April 1, 2016

Rani’s Granny!

Granny Rani’s, though in nineties,
As in nineteen, swings her body hither-thither,
No matter, upstairs or downstairs,
Acts she as an automobile fast.
Giving instructions to all in front
Revealing all the wrongs of theirs
No matter if position hold they high,
She is sure to  suggest  the right.
The actions, displayed 
By her petite physique, determine not
That her eyes have witnessed
Wonders more than of decades nine.
The skeletal framework, 
Housing her skinny lean body
With wrinkles of past tense
 Guides youngsters with
Gestures of do's and don’ts.
Now the poor granny Rani's
Picking sticks and stones from the ground
Flings them into the nearby pond
And claps she at the ripples formed.
Rejoices with loud laughter
As a babe of four or five,
As has vanished her reminiscence fully,
Alas! Oh! The Alzheimer’s visits her.
Tears flow to Rani's eyes 
When she takes care special for granny;
Follows her where dear goes
To save granny from perils around,
As, the most, she loves her granny.


  1. Each line brought back memories of my grandma who has now left to a better place.Many times I feel it is not death that is scary, its old age.

  2. I hope the comment publishes this time. It's a beautiful and heartfelt poem Sarala.

  3. This is a lovely piece of poetry. Nice post.

  4. Excellent

  5. Hello,

    Excellent poem which made me feel very sad for Granny Rani. Even though she is old, she is active and busy as a bee giving instructions and advice to every one in the house. She is child like, happy and derives great thrill in doing simple things which others ignore. She is independent and stands on her own legs without expecting help from others.

    But the scene suddenly changes when she gets Alzhemeir"s. Very,very sad. This is what happens as we grow old. Our youthful energy and enthusiasm is replaced with pain and weakness.

    Fabulous poem.

  6. This is beautiful and so full of memories. A lovely tribute :-)

  7. This is very sad for me, having seen someone close and dear succumb to the terrible ravages of Alzheimer's disease. A very poignant poem...