Tuesday, October 18, 2011

  I used to write letters to editor for a ‘Daily’ which, by the mistake  of mine in timely sending or the lack of standard they expect, did not see the light. These were relevant to the social conditions prevalent at that time. So I thought of posting a few of them in my blog.                  

       Bahujan Samajvadi Party

 I came across a photograph in the Hindu news paper today (page-10,May 30th). The picture depicts the fungi of slavery still sticking on Indians’ minds even after six decades of Independence. I really felt ashamed for being myself in the fraternity of  people who stoop down to any level to lick the leg of their leaders. And there are a few with folded hands as if they all were in front of a Godly Idol. The  leader Ms. Mayavati enjoys this drama with a tint of sarcasm on her lips. Ms.Mayawati is indeed  a politician who strives against and tides over adversities. Yet she promotes sycophancy, as she herself  considers that she is above everyone and everything. The party leaders ,may they be X or Y, should come down to the earth and feel the pulse of the common man. Will they work for the motherland instead of  playing ‘musical chair’ that helps them pack pecuniary packets meant for ten or more generations of their successors? Will the leaders scarcely encourage the art of coaxing and buttering? Only then our country can lift her head proudly.

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