Monday, October 31, 2011


                Governance in Kerala

 The election fair has come to a closure. The prominent among the victors have sworn in and occupied communal or political chairs. And now what is the main objective in front of them, is it personal or provincial? Those who were in the ministry many a time, should themselves elevate to chairs their followers, who own fresh knowledge and new ideas. The portfolios should be evenly and judiciously distributed among  the rulers so that the deprived ones get their say. For decades together, except on a few occasions, the Education ministry is in the hands of minorities who are in the forefront of everything in Kerala. So they are enriched with more than ninety percent of the educational institutions. Neither the Majority community nor the Congress party takes the needed steps to hold this important office.. Can we, the common mass expect clean governance by impeccable personalities and thus enjoy impartiality? It is the eleventh hour of Kerala being drowned in corruption. Hope the helping hands of some sensible persons will be extended at least at the twelfth hour to lift this state to safety.  


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