Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Motion and Action

In motion and action he lingered,
Busily moving hither-thither,
Dancing, bouncing and jumping fast
On stagnant water not so filthy
That reflected the light very mild
After a shower, intense much.

 Stooping the body and smelling the soil,
 He lifted the visage sluggishly sure
With slush on it and mud in palm
 Burst out into high profile laughter.
 Swaying swiftly the hands to clap
 He furnished around blissful delight.

Eyeing the pretty butterflies that
Practiced in flight long and high jump
In their search of nectar sweet,
Bore the toddler an athlete's stance
To compete with them in touching trial
With squashy, spongy, softy hands.

Butterflies the wonderful beings,
Wearing patterned designer dress,
With yellow prints on peripheral side
Played some jokes with the two-year-old.
 The toddler tiny to have them in hand
Ran and skipped  and slipped and fell down.

Aha! There floated a flower in water
 In company with a leaf of dry look.
With no notice of the hurt he got and
With all the means of  rapidity he
Hurried to attain the velocity same
And obtain them in the flimsy hands.

Succeeding seldom in attempt to catch,
As the flies bade good-bye to him,
His frail and fragile tender legs
Caring nil the difficulty he had
Waded through the weeds very small
And picked the bloom and leaf with waft.

Passed he to all an endearing smirk
With the flower and leaf in hands.
He kissed the blossom lovingly much
Though it lay in dirt and smirch.
Detaching petals to throw in water
He spread his merriment all around.

 Splashing, douching and sprinkling water
With his limbs both upper and lower
He enjoyed and cheered heartily there
By shouting, screeching, howling and yelling.
 Circles and circles in water he drew
By merrily picking and pelting stones.

Though a sudden small stream of urine
Gushed and flowed through his shorts, worn,
Noticing it he nil at all, went on busily
Playing with mates.
Displaying fully his milk teeth four
He gave a attractive grin to all.

 Reached him his mother’s feet
And her hands under fury, with force
Snatched him from his lovely area
Alas! It ended in a whining snivel
 Followed by a rhythmic sobbing.


We had a trip to an amusement park. Mother Nature was kind enough to spray the shower of joy on her daughter earth and her flora-fauna issues. Leaving  a weeny toddler with his grandma, his parents performed the art of swimming in water. Giving full liberty to the tot, the granny interestingly watched the innocent’s activities. The sodden spot was water logged here and there, somewhere clear and somewhere grimy. All the onlookers turned to him, eyed the scene and rejoiced at it.


  1. A cute poem. You have narrated the toddler's antics so vividly that it appeared that I was present viewing all his fun and frolics.

  2. Wow... lovely narration!

  3. wow.. it was such a pleasure to read this..
    sound n visual imagery was great..
    loved the lil lil details you put in :)

  4. Nice and lovely poem. Narrated very well. Please do something to stop the "spams" in your comments. Thanks.

  5. A really beautiful poem, keeping one hooked to it till the end. What fun!