Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where Has He Reached?

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“What has happened to me?O! God, I never expected all these” thought Rajesh in deep agony.He had recovered a little bit from the anguish  that the incident had created in his mind .He took to talking to an intimate friend ,first time after the incident. His  tears  refused to stay in the glands.He sat there covering the countenance with his hand that held the phone.As his ears caught the stamping sound of  shoes he lifted his face.To his gloomy dismay  he noticed two policemen in front of him.

 If it is cited in Shakespearean superlative, we can say  the ‘most worst’ phase he was facing in his life.

Anuja was his friend Navin’s sister. She was a degree student. Many an occasion Rajesh happened to meet her, since he was a frequent visitor in Navin’s abode. His visit  when experienced  nonattendance of his friend, the latter's mother or Anuja informed him when he would return home and all. He was enjoying the approval of his friendship with Navin from those two persons in that house.

His interaction with Anuja was purely natural. He had nothing special in his mind, whenever he talked to Anuja. But she slowly-slowly initiated some untoward indications. Rajesh smelt something  fishy and therefore he tried his maximum level to get her retrieved. But  nothing could alter her move  an inch even.

 He belonged to a family that barely met both the ends with the scanty revenue of his. And that made him keep his wedding in pending. He was  merely a Govt. servant of lower grades.  And she belonged to an affluent family of the vicinity. The members of the family enjoyed a special space in the society. Her father was a rigid disciplinarian who was hesitant nil to go to any extent  to get his back. Unlike the father both the mother and daughter housed a fine heart in their physique.

Even though he was sapient enough to choose between the right and the wrong,  somehow his passion had won over his reason. And eventually Rajesh fell or rather he had to fall for her craving.After all he was a homo sapien  with all sorts of feelings inbuilt in a common man. 

 And Rajesh and Anuja created situations to meet at home and outside blind-folding their kith and kin. They sat together among bushes and exchanged views and visions. They walked in company of each other. They spent hours in hush looking at each other’s eyes. The land and field were filled with thrill gazing at their gait holding hand in hand. They even increased the income of film-theatres. Yes, they were born as one  for the other.

Completion of her graduation accelerated the driving from parents’ part through nuptial path.A point was arrived at when she had to disclose her courtship. Anuja’s father burned and turned crimson with ire. The pecuniary status and age gap stood as villains between the two families. Anuja’s father and even Navin bathed Rajesh with unparliamentary  words.

Under the persuasions  and intimidation of Anuja, Rajesh consented to exchange nuptial garlands  in a famous temple. With full gratification they started their couple-life in a small hired-refuge, close to his parenthood. Rajesh’s parents always stood by him. But his mind always carried  a forlorn mass, as his better-half had descended from a castle to a cottage. He felt that he should have been in command of the scruples.

 But they were joyous in their little way and found satiety in their simple life. Even though Anuja’s parents had disowned her, some help from her mother’s side brought cash and kind to their dwelling.

Days and months cleared the way for a year. Anuja whispered in Rajesh’s mind that a  beloved V.V.I.P was going to enter into their house to share their bliss and pleasure. March stepped into April which turned Rajesh terribly busy with certain fiscal accounts in the office. By the time Rajesh arrived at the residence Anuja was in the labour-room of the hospital, nearby.

Anuja had to bear the pain for hours together and finally a cute baby-girl turned Anuja a mother. The infant spread the perfume of profound delight  in that house. But the happiness  was too short when Anuja with her beloved little one in the hand stumbled down by slipping in the water that lay on the floor. Anuja fainted on the spot. Nothing had happened to the little one. Things worsened beyond imagination. Despite all genera of genial attempts by the hospital authorities she had to gape at her last gasp.

After the procedures of funeral Rajesh sat there thinking deep, sinking his visage in his hands. “O! God, why have you seized  my  half from me? She was my heart and she was the lamp shedding glow in this house. Why didn’t you take our child and me also,” lamented Rajesh heart-broken. The baby  who was crying for milk made every person’s eyes wet.

Without taking a morsel of food or drinking a handful of water Rajesh mourned the demise for a couple of days. However he pulled on a few more days of mourning, with his kin’s assistance.When his child pricked his conscience ,he rose up to reality.

Then all of a sudden one day, loomed  before him two police men and hand-cuffed him.  “Why,what is the matter? I didn't do any wrong.”

“Your wife’s death was dowry-based. It was a cold-blooded murder. We have ample evidence.You pushed her with the intention of finishing her.Expecting a huge dowry from her parents, you trapped her. Your father-in law has produced the evidence. You are taken into our custody. Come with us.”

The people present there alarmed in astonishment, as everybody was fully aware of  the couple’s  jolly life. His father-in-law was an avenger as he believed or made himself believe that his daughter deserted him only because of  Rajesh, the fraud. So he designed all those pictures. He  got on to the step of  snatching the kid from Rajesh’s old mother and vacated himself from there.

Rajesh lost all his energy and spirit and he moved to the jail just as a puppet without any resistance.  “O! God where have I reached? Why is this ordeal with me. Are you testing me? What  sin have I committed?  I am not at all guilty! I am not at wrong. I cannot do anything to my heart-throb.” He was unloading all his melancholy through his words.

The youths of the village assembled in the village recreation hall  and swore to rescue the innocent Rajesh at any cost. “We all know that “No sin goes unpunished”. And what about the virtues?Shouldn't they be rewarded? We should fight for the truth. The truth should triumph. Satyameva Jayate”.

They visited and solaced him with all support



  1. Excellent heartrending story. Misuse of Dowry Law in India should be stopped.

  2. Hi...That's a sad one...but well written...

    Satyameva Jayate!

  3. Sarala, this is a very heart rending story. Poor Rajesh! his pain has been depicted by you in very poignant words!

  4. Wow... what a narration... loved it!

  5. beautifully narrated story...

    thanks rudra

  6. very poignant...I hope that people in similar situation find support and justice.

  7. The story is on oft beaten track.Though can evoke pity. I feel more polishing on the narration would make your writing crisp and compact.

  8. Oh, what a heart breaking story. Beautifully narrated, Sarala.

  9. ohhh sad. But the narration came out to me as very nice :)