Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Great Artist!

Portraying our images
In bright and light tint
Or in dim and dark tone,
Holding our hands in forward trip
Observing our actions nil,
Not waiting for our fate,
The great artist, Time treks
In air without any flaws.

 Enormous in size and
 Undying in life,
 Failing never in duty and
Not getting hindered at hiatus,
Our great Guru, Time,
Who we vastly need
Leads and guides us
Though we fail to trail.

Marching through the lives
Of animate-inanimate things
In their gloom and glee,
Triumph and failure,
Comfort and want,
Poverty and property and
Adversity and privilege
The time takes its usual course.

Throwing us sometimes
Into suffering and affliction,
Squeezing all our juice
By crushing and mashing our mind,
Time rejoices though,
It saves and shelters us also
From the harsh heat of glumness,
Providing solace ample.

Stroking all that
Fall on its zenith
In this wide broad world,
But caring none’s deeds
Looking less left and right,
Allowing nix back and front,
Bothering nil up and down
The Time moves with royal steps.

Positioning itself
On the plane of our life- brook
That flows with the banks,
Namely the birth and death,
Time, the infinite tree
Permits us to twine and climb
For locating and setting
O! Our destiny high.

As the grandfather, the past,
The son, the present
And the grandson, the future
Travelling through the
Track of seconds, minutes and hours
And days, months and years,
Time covers the distance
In myriad of millenniums.

This precious prestigious entity
We can never evade,
But can ever lose,
When we go delayed
With procrastination of things
Without any plans or actions.
So “Never put off till tomorrow
What can be done today”.



  1. Very nice Sarala. Loved reading this. Suddenly I remember a quote: we talk about killing time, when time silently kills us.

  2. That is a deep poem on Kala.Time is cyclical but never ending.As I read somewhere,it never changes us but only unfolds us.

  3. nice poem
    yes remembered superman dialogue
    from father to son

  4. Very thoughtful poem. The wheel of life keeps moving.We are merely spectators

  5. Very nice composition Sarala! Time indeed is a great Guru...:)

  6. I like this poem, what you have said is so true.