Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Ever Vehicle!

This is the fastest vehicle in the world, launching
The satellites of thoughts, punching
All the fences blocking the upward drift              
That dreams and desires carry very swift.

Looks it, like a very deep gaping cave,
As if to expel out something much grave.
In doubts and qualms it forms a caged bird
Yet can it fly high in the sky around the world.

None here mostly holds the command
That checks and seizes its undue demand.
Potent to create and erase history,
Remains it, as an impassive mystery.

Studying others, it does coolly delve,
And ways for scrapes, it does derive.
Standing often for dicey challenges
Using sometimes grimy- dingy chances.

Unveils, it your intentions and impulses
Nature and culture and behavior and manners.
Housing your reason and passion, accurately
 Giving you judgment and purpose rightly.

It is no doubt your memory and remembrance
And contains it, your imagination and intelligence.
It, your feelings and ideas dainty and fine
Channels and funnels to lines and lanes.

It is the very MIND, piercing you and attacking,
Agitating and annihilating, scoffing and scolding,
Hurting and hitting, hating and diddling
Punishing and pushing and depressing and killing.

At the same time rejoice you can,
As protection and consolation,
Comforts and cuddles, help and support
Restriction and advice, it grants definite.

Is it a bally-gob of the grey matter?
Is it the conscience, supple and slimy?
It is the essence of your spirit and soul
And your body is this master’s slave.

 It is your ‘self’ to pedal the sense organs,
Though as a storm can it blow and as a stream, flow.

Only the optimism you suck up from your sublime mind
And the virus of pessimism you shun and  mind your mind.

Has anyone seen your mind and do you know where it subsists?




  1. Excellent post Sarala. Has anyone seen my mind? I want to open and show it but I am afraid what the other person might think.