Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Dreadful Determination! Part 3&4

  The story so far:-

[Urmila and Sharmila are sisters. The elder one Sharmila was in love with Vinod, her neighbour, even when they passed through the school-age. Father had brought proposals which she resisted tooth and nail, though she knew not the result. She recalled her baby-hood memories in which Vinod always sided with her in all the activities. Once she lost her ear-drops, the gang saved her from the reproach of parents. A squad of six used to engage themselves in kiddies’ amusements a lot.]

Now please read


 The exam preparations scheduled by the school as well as the parents provided togetherness seldom to them. Since the time schedule was dissimilar for the members of the diminutives’ squad, the journey onward to and backward from the school didn't find them in collection. On the last day of the final exam of the year all the little ones threw their bags in a corner of their study and sprang to the free environs. All the six flocked together under the mango tree near Urmila’s house.

“Let us pick some tender mangoes and eat,” Vinod started jumping up to catch hold of a branch full of tender mangoes.  And he succeeded in his attempt. Anand assisted him in holding it so that it would not slip and go up.

All the little limbs, all of a sudden crowded, as crows at food-waste and plucked mangoes as much they wanted. The mangoes they picked joyfully entered their mouths to be munched. They rejoiced at its sourness expressing shrivels and inflammations on facial muscles.

By then the babe of the group, Sharmila noticed a dragon-fly buzzing and fluttering around the ground. Leaving aside the mango her hands tried in vain to seize the fly. George slowly moved to the spot and grabbed it from the foliage. Delightfully she stretched her hands to hold it, but withdrew in fright. She with pleasure watched him make the fly pick stones. Amidst the struggle to get away from the tots, the poor fly got its tail broken. It hurt Urmila and her kind heart ached. She as if an elderly member reprimanded the children both, her friend and sibling.

The next day their fun was at the edge of a muddy wall with hedge-rows. They picked wild edible fruits of herbs and shrubs, shared and gobbled them enough. In the attempt of plucking more fruit from an herb, Akhil slithered down and got his leg injured. Vinod picked some common-floss leaves (communist chedi) and applied their sap on the wound as if he was an authority in such a vicinity. Though it was small scratches, the reproaches they bagged from home were stomach-full.

 And thus they occupied busily themselves in various types of fun and joy and made full use of their vacation very long. They swayed with twigs, chatted with squirrels, chirped with birds, played with cat and dog and swam with fish in company and sometimes in solitude. They allowed leaves, flowers and paper boat, prepared by themselves flow in pond. They altered their bath towels to fishing-net and gaily fished in it. They got the towel dyed in brown mud. They soaked soil in water, moulded shapes and returned home, bathed in water and sand. They swung choosing various postures in swing, tied on a bough.  Rebukes and praises had no dearth at dwelling to welcome them all.

The days and nights were accomplishing their duties with no fail. The Earth was performing rotations and revolutions regularly around her care-taker, the Sun. Several such rounds were over. The children all moulted their babyhood and wore the coat of adulthood. They all flew and migrated to the arenas of their welfare. Now Urmila was in her P.G class, Sharmila was in the initial year of her professional course and Vinod in the look-out of an employment after his P.G.

sarala.                                                                                             [to be contd.]


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