Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vindictive Act!


That news from the west of ours about
Bidding adieu of one hundred thirty two budding lives
And nine adult lives from this Universe
 Falling in predicament has flowed brooks on cheeks,
Drenched hearts with deep wrenches
And filled minds with misery and melancholy.

Those tender buds with innocence on face
And dreams in mind to be cherished in days ahead
 Would have bloomed to blossoms
 With vibrant colours and gushing fragrance
  To spread glee in the eyes of self and others all
   Ha! Ended up in massacre rendered by radicals.

What do those beasts in human hides
Hiding in Nature’s hide-outs gain ho!
With this vindictive act of cruelest cruelty?
Is there a heaven, that they believe, above the Earth
That can house those evil-spirited eastly beings
Full of malice of animosity in mind?

O! God don’t you see the spiteful vices
Displayed by the teens, selected and trained
To be sinners by a handful of brains
That always design ways and means
For achieving their selfish motto of luxuriant stay
And clasping the world within their clutches? 

All the Nations, if do not punish and put in dungeon
 Those misguided muddy souls showing cheek in open, 
And come together and counsel to tame all those
Miscreants and accomplices to shed their venom,
 They also can expose themselves to others
And lead a life with value and virtue with their kin.


  1. Hari OM
    Heartfelt and immediate... important and beautiful, Sarala! YAM xx

  2. This is cold blooded terrorism on very soft and vulnerable targets.The entire world is outraged by this brutality.Ways must be found by the comity of nations to eliminate terrorism in all forms.
    The poem brings out the anguish and revulsion in forceful manner

  3. Dear God, where are you?
    Is there even someone called God?

    This brutality against the innocent just fuels the rage inside me. If I keep saying sneering, I will just get more angry and even more angry. So I'm going to stop right here.

    Nicely penned poem.
    Keep writing.

    P.S. Sorry for not being able to visit your blog. From now on, I sure will, without procrastinating.

  4. Very sad. Nothing will bring back these lives. RIP.

  5. The news really shattered me...
    The loss of their parents can never be replaced...
    Its sad that fanatics can do this...

    Loved your poem... Very strong...

  6. May the new year eradicate all forms of evil.