Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Dreadful Determination! Part-17

The story so far:

Urmila, when she saw a familiar-looking person at a shop, slipped into her experiences since childhood. Urmila and Sharmila are sisters. The elder one Sharmila was in love with Vinod, her neighbour, even when they passed through the school-age. Father had brought proposals which she resisted tooth and nail, though she knew not the result. Two-three ones she escaped on the pretext of studies. She recalled her baby-hood memories.  All their friends, but Vinod flew away from the brood for life’s needs. Vinod was in the look out of a job. Urmila’s father, Venugopal with conventional beliefs didn’t agree for their marriage.Urmila was forced to wed Aravind. She got separated from the groom on a lie the next day itself. She had told him that she was a habitual consumer of Phenobarbital medicine. Obtaining no response from Vinod she phoned up to him. Vinod obtained a decent job and he became ready to wed Urmila. This time Vinod’s parents resisted since Urmila was a divorcee. As both remained single, the parents came down from their stance. Her companion Anupama woke her up from the dream.]


Next Sunday after washing the garbs Urmila was spreading them on the cloth-line behind her room in the hostel. The intercom of her room began to disturb her chirping vociferously.

 “Urmila, you have a visitor,” warden from ground floor.

“Visitor! Who, today?”

Urmila walked down with vigorous strides through the rungs of the staircase and got to the visitor. She opened wide her visual parts to make certain that she was not in a dream. Anand, one of her very babyhood comrades stood there with a hearty smile. He stretched hands to shake hand with her. She reciprocated just mechanically, 
“What made you make your presence here? I wondered I was dreaming.”

“O! Urmila I have not expunged our camaraderie from our childhood memories. My PG in medical course, then its subsequent super specialty and such things had clutched me tightly. Now I am here on a two weeks leave. Then I thought of visiting my friends. I had gone to your house to meet your parents also.”

“Okay, Okay, be seated anyway.”

 “Akhil Chacko and Goerge also will come by tomorrow and day after. You may know that they are in Australia. We have planned to have a get together at Bharat Tourist home here. I have selected my dame. So I am the one who is hoisting the party. Do come for that meeting. We’ll call Sharmila also. Date and all we’ll inform you.”

They had a chit-chat for a few minutes. She asked nothing about Vinod and nor did Anand mention anything about him.  Anand had had his ‘M.B.B.S’ studies in Delhi. Then his brilliance and aspiration guided him to US for further steps.  Of course his friends all visited him in his thoughts sometimes. But the assignments of his education used to set him fast to routines. He was back home on a sabbatical at the interval of studies and work.

“But Anand, don’t expect me. I have availed of almost all my leave by now. Even if it is on Sunday, I have some important engagements. I have to do the preparation for covering the syllabi, “she was in no doubt that Vinod would make his presence there.

Anand’s enthusiastic and energetic approach allowed her not to escape but nod for a half-minded aye.  It was all a planned plot of the friends, when they learned that Urmila and Vinod remained unwedded still. Sharmila, Urmila’s sister though was kept in ignorance earlier about the duo’s lure, their friends all were cheering up their courtship.

It was Anand that made the entry to home country first. He right away paid visits to Venugopals and Sreekumars and studied their views. All the disheartening occurrences had packed their days with desperation and disappointments. If truth be told both the parent-couples had become like minded in tying their descendants in wed-knot. Only thing they actually didn't know each other’s perspective.

Each party was in need of a third person’s aid to bell their cats. And so Anand’s arrival was like a  shower in summer for each couple. He informed them about the entire friends’ resolution to make the twosome’s dream materialized.  As a twist of fate favourable, Anand’s betrothal fell in between. In that connection an idea of availing of leave together popped up in the old friends’ minds. And that idea without any pause directed the friends to fly to reality. They all landed one after another on their native sand.

The partying day loomed without fail. The banquet hall merrily received all the friends. All those, who had family, arrived in pairs with their kids and Vinod and Anand who had no family reached single. Yes, Anand also was single, since his studies provided him no free opportunity to be in pair so far, though his pairing was not far.

 Sharmila’s fervent eyes travelled around. Alas! Her Chechchi’s absence smashed her basking mood. The conspicuous absence that everybody felt left all of them in poignancy.

Looking no right and left Anand tread down quickly and without a second thought he drove to Urmila’s hostel. 

 The day seemed very hot. Urmila stood on the first floor’s verandah looking at the big Jack tree in the compound.

 “It carries heavy Jack fruit for serving others. It doesn't expect anything in return,” bore she reverence for it in mind, “No human being can be like that.”

On holidays the tree took pleasure in the company of hostlers, who turned the tree-guard their gossiping seats. Whole-heartedly  the tree shaded them from the Sun. 

All of a sudden a smart man parked the car out, came in and dashed to the visitor’s room. It was none but Ananad. Urmila sensed the situation and stepped down.

“I’m sorry Anand, I have brought bundles of papers for valuation. I have no time to attend the party this time. Next time sure I’ll come,” she was disposing of Anand.

“Don’t worry, I shall help you. Give me the best paper valued; on its line I can help you,” so much sincere was his move that Urmila could not deprive him of her presence.

“Okay I’ll come and return soon. Agreed?”

“Hundred percent agreed.”

Urmila didn’t look at Vinod because she didn't want to tempt Vinod as well as her own mind; whereas Vinod’s vision covertly viewed Urmila. They all opened the folder of old sugary memories which enlivened and vitalized the atmosphere. A vibrant wave of delight exhilarated the elders and the kids. They all sang, danced, cut jokes etc. etc. Hubbub and hullabaloo had no deficit in measure, yet no participation from the very twosome’s side.

At one moment of their movements Urmila unknowingly happened to be somewhat nearer Vinod. With a swirly progress towards Urmila Anand swiftly pushed Urmila towards Vinod. His speed made Urmila slip on the vitrified tile and was about to fall down. At the spur of a moment Vinod’s reflex acted. He stretched his hands and salvaged her holding tightly.

 All these unpredictable rapid events startled Urmila and her vision at a sudden action plunged into Vinod’s eyes. She blushed bashfully. The cheers thundered there reddened her face further.

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P.S:     I was travelling with Urmila and Vinod and their people for a few months. Now it is time to bid adieu to them. Wish the new couple a pleasant wedded life.  And thanks to all those who accompanied me through out.
I had an idea of giving it a tragic end. But the viewers comments made me think opposite. 

There may be mistakes in the story.It was getting its shape and form among hindrances a lot of home chores.


  1. Hari OM
    Oohhhh - seems I missed and had to go back one... ah well, Bollywood influence in the end - but none the worse for that!!! This was a marathon for you - well done for seeing it through!!! You have entertained us well...YAM xx

  2. Thanks for the interesting story you wrote for us. I enjoyed very much. You gave the perfect ending for the story. Just like Hollywood movies. She fell. He caught her. Their eyes met. Rest is history. (Thank God it was not like an Indian move where the director does not know how to end the movie - so drag the movie for a long time.)

  3. enjoyed reading your story! Our movies will never show the heroine as a divorcee:) And then remarry:) Nice one!

  4. An interesting story, though I could not read the earlier episodes. Will come back to read the same..

  5. I am so happy you chose a happy ending ... happy endings of love story are always so pleasant ... it was wonderful reading this piece ... looking forward to more such series from you in future :-)

  6. Very happy that it ended happily... Though in real life, such happy endings are rare... Love triumphs, well write. Thoroughly enjoyed... Will miss Vinod and Urmila...

    Btw... when does the next series start?

  7. twist after twist and now a happy ending
    nice story