Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Advent of New Year!

 I have scribbled these lines in a hurry.Didn't have time to read them again.In Jan.I feel that I may be a bit free. I'll be visiting my favourite bloggers then.Merry christmas and joyful New Year to all.

 The Advent of New Year! 

Forget we should
 The means pessimistic
That happened in the
By-gone year, or else
Drowning we will be in
The pool of glum and gloom.

   Hark back we should
To the events that mount
Dazzling thoughts and
Gladness filling acts
 From which  emerges energy
Enabling us to walk to success.

Avoid in the Fresh Year
 Behaviour ours that
If to others is horrid,
 Haughty and hostile
And evade hurting people
With words and indeed deeds.

Unfurl the bud of help
Spreading the scent of hope
Filling in people’s life
Hap they keep a yen for
And extend let us a reception
To the year presently peeping .

Keep in mind let us warmth a lot
When members enter afresh
 Into our friendship and kinship
 Which in real is a bequest
 Handed over to us by God
 Adding vim and vigour to daily affairs.

Round the corner is seen
The onset of the New Year;
Don’t know, what in store
 In the horizon around
 Whether sullen or sweet
Or harmful or beneficial.

Bear we have to with
A sense of valor and verve,
 Whatever comes on way and
That will fill in life
Upshots of experiences
 Very pleasant and delightful.

'May you all have fruitful year of success ahead'.


  1. beautifully penned
    May you all have fruitful year of success ahead'.

  2. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful poem...

    Keep in mind let us warmth a lot
    When members enter afresh
    Into our friendship and kinship
    Which in real is a bequest
    Handed over to us by God
    Adding vim and vigour to daily affairs.

    lovely lines...

  4. Lovely lines!

    Wishing you an amazing year ahead dear... waiting to read more of your writings. Take care

  5. Happy New year to you and your family

  6. Happy New Year. Have a great 2016 :-)

  7. A prefect anthem for the New Year...
    I hope that it has been pleasant so far... and wishing you all the happiness in the coming days... :)