Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Five-year-old and the Five-month-old!

The baby little girl of five months was in a deep slumber. She was lying with no trouble snuggly in her cradle. The five-year-old Ankita was pouring all her imagination over her dear dolly seated on the floor. She was as serious as a makeup man. She was combing its hair, putting beauty mark on its forehead, applying cream on its cheeks and so on.

“Mole,*Amma will have a bath, just see the baby, if she cries gently rock the cradle,” very softly her mother Suchitra.

Suchitra’s better half Vijayan had gone on duty to his office. So no one elderly was there at home. She entered into the water-closet and had a fast body wash. The baby started crying feebly and soon the volume of her voice amplified. Lullaby-sound from Ankita was falling into Suchitra’s ear. The baby’s sound became slowly feeble and somewhat reached its closure. Suchitra felt ease in her mind, as the infant calmed down. However without spending much time in the friendship of bathroom articles she came out.

“Ho! My Go……d,” yelped Suchitra loud and within no time she sprang to the cradle.

The scene Suchitra eyed literally startled her. As she was engaged in her bath the little baby started crying. The elder one Ankita turned responsible and she slowly rocked the cradle with lullabies on the lips. The baby paid no heed to her whereas it raised its voice. She tried multiple methods to pacify the baby. Nothing worked. To please her mother she thought she should soothe her sister some or other way. So she took the small pillow of the little one and kept it on its mouth and pressed also to stop the audibility of the infant's sound. But the nostrils were also blocked under the pillow. She believed that if the baby’s mouth was covered the sound wouldn’t be heard. And then Amma could complete her bath.

By heaven’s help before getting the process prolonged much, Amma was at the spot.  She all of a sudden pushed aside Ankita and lifted the infant in hand. As the infant seemed to be motionless, Suchitra got baffled for a while. Perhaps some miracle acted in her mind and she stroked on the baby’s chest and back shaking it forcibly yet mildly. The baby opened her closed eyes and started crying. Though the mother was able to heave a sigh of relief, she failed not to consult a physician. No sooner she emerged out of her house than her luck favoured her in the form of an auto rickshaw. And she found herself in the hospital along with her tiny issues both. The climax turned indeed comfortable as the consultation upshot was helpful.

“Nothing to worry, God has saved your child,” the doctor.

 She looked up at the Almighty with her tear-filled thankful eyes. Of course she gifted her diminutive ones hugging kisses a lot. “Children can never be adult-like they are only childlike,” thought Suchitra with a beam on her face.

*Amma- mother  


  1. Very impressive...
    this line makes it more impressive - Children can never be adult-like they are only childlike

  2. It is a nice tale. And all is well that ends well. Good that the small child was saved just on time.

  3. “Children can never be adult-like they are only childlike,”
    says all beautifully written

  4. Eww...scary! You crafted it really well!

  5. Hmm all that is good with that ends well.

  6. thats some imagination there...

  7. that's a cute story! It is really not safe to leave infants with children.
    interestingly penned :)

  8. I posted a comment here? have you recv it?

  9. Thank God nothing happened to the baby. The little girl was only carrying out her mothers orders and she cannot be blamed. It is always wise to keep an eye on little children at all times.

    Fantastic story.

  10. Scared me for a moment.... but in the end it felt like a good story