Friday, February 19, 2016

Nuptial Dreams!

Not sonnet,bur a fiction just versified.Anyway I am linking here.

Sat Sangeeta in her chair
With sight and thoughts yonder
Started delving into her mind
Now dreary, in the days yore.
 Spiritedly she wove her nuptial dream
In golden threads of elation and thrill.
 Sadly! Went everything in vain when
Alerted all, the news of an accident,
Her groom and his kin met with
Ending in the end of his dad’s breath.
Haunted her what has happened
As a scene very horrendous
That had bathed her visage
With tears of doubt about her bridal.
Ago a couple or more years
Eve of wedding; the crowd,
 Was dashing from room to room
 With tray and tray in hands.
Served they snacks and soft drinks
 To guests, arrived to bless the bride.
Proving no stinginess in showiness,
Alas! Alarmed all a phone call.
Awaited she long for a verdict
Of their much prized wedding date
Solacing her solely in her gloom
From well the side,groom's.
Happened it never
To flourish her nourished dream
Instead stretched, its silence
Hinting at all no intimation.
Pointing at her bridal entry
As an ominous ill-fate to family
The outcome bounced from in-laws
Went against her nuptial dream.
Being similar of a grass widow
Heeding attention nil to the
Voice and advice given by elders
Chose she ever the title, a spinster.



  1. So sad to have had her dream snatched away from her like that; well penned Rudra
    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  2. That is pretty sad, but why not rebel against fate as some call it?

  3. Quite a dramatic story! Well written.

  4. Touching and beautifully portrayed!

  5. straight went into my heart thnks for beautiful sharing god bless you

  6. Your words took me close to her... Its fate, I guess. What else can i say?

  7. This is sad and unfortunate .... you expressed the pain and emotions beautifully.