Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goal of my Soul!

I thought never,
Me from a family poor
 Would reach the heights’ height
With an upshot so bright;
 As lights in dark flash,
News and news splash.
My dream, cherished
From the very childhood
In life to come out
With flying colours, but
Can me with no social stand
Achieve the goal of soul?
Impinges upon my mind,
The man who stays in mansion,
The mansion of size a castle;
Wearing expensive apparel,
Bearing the identity of his riches
Exercising all sorts powers
A much classy car he drives
Amidst his fellow dwellers.
Strove I so forward
To achieve a good award
In the exam of Civil Services
For obtaining a chair from reserves
Always snatched by elites;
Aha! I hold today delights.
I am a star shimmering now,
Glee and gladness of wow
Emit around for admirers
That for my success stood always. 
Have I attained an identity
Among the affluent with equality?
No, can’t one identify ‘self', one’s,
It is from the inner voice, unless.  

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  1. Let that craving keep you aloft

  2. Hari OM
    Where there is a will there is a way! YAM xx

  3. May all your dreams come true, but careful what you wish for.

  4. Lovely poem. Indeed, success is not measured by prestige or possessions but by the soul within.

  5. I love "I am a star shimmering now." That is wonderful, that you strove and succeeded. But in my view, you were as worthy of equality as any other always.

  6. nice poem, but today majority people only judge other on the basis of money and on which chair that person is sitting

  7. That is a pretty good poem reflecting the anguish, dreams of the marginalised , the deprived.

  8. it is the inner voice indeed, the ultimate...

  9. One's identity is not from outside trappings,pelf and power but what is inside-the real person.The rest are irrelevant.

  10. I think you have every right to be proud of your achievements. Effort and determination definitely pay off.

  11. Thank you,mary.It is totally fictitious, not factual.

  12. I always felt that as a poor child I had to work harder at being something the those rich. There is more quality and character in the one who aspires toward something as you penned so well.

    1. True,Leslie the fruit of hard work is always sweet and of course a focussed effort brings you the desired uphot.Thank you.

  13. May all your dreams and wishes come true :-)

  14. It is fictitious,Amrit. Thank you.

  15. Dreams keep us going.. There is a sense of loss, and it also carries hope. Nice one!

  16. It is the inner voice, indeed. Beautifully conveyed, Sarala. :)

  17. Hello,

    There is a great thrill and a sense of satisfaction when some one from the lower strata of society achieves something great and becomes the envy of others. The joy is manifold because such people have to face so many obstacles to climb the ladder of success.

    Excellent poem, well written and wonderfully presented.

    Best wishes

  18. I love the depth in the poem here... the words make me think a lot

  19. Success is powerful. It's an independent word, beyond any comparisons. You crafted this really well!