Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Resilience? O, No!

“Oh! think I can't of resilience, "thought she,
To wifely work from my decision,” 
Staring at the scenes unspeakable
Staged within the concrete structure,
Called home holding beings three,
During days and days rolled in series
 With stops or pauses totally nil,
Till recently,as just passed that past, 

Dreamy was her entry into the house,
With a feeling that the cloud nine
Has opened its gate before her
In its warmly welcoming arms
And was attested that to be true
Through stages numerous of
Acceptance hearty offered to her
By her own beloved partner.

Crowded clouds in bundles  
On the visage her spouse owned,
Their little darling when sped
A month or more early to come out
Widely opening the comfy womb
 Which sure belonged to his mother,
 For witnessing the wonders around
His term destined inside the womb
Remained in a manner unfinished.

Paid her husband no heed at all  
To what opined the doctor vividly,
As already had the seed of suspicion
Taken its very root in his mind,
And screams and shrieks in masses
Boomed within the walls four;
Swallowed it and sometimes retorted she
To prove that unchaste she was not.

Despite the aches and pains suffered,
For both the parents’ presence,
Desired she , for her prized dear;
And waited to see if time would erase,
The traces of doubt that shadowed glee;
But alas! Couldn’t she endure the move, she
The move from him for ‘DNA’ test,
Left him, energizing the mind,clasping her darling.

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