Thursday, July 14, 2016

Deadly is loneliness!

This is just a reciprocation to my poem 'Resilience,O! NO' where the wife desserts her suspicious husband.

“Have I done the right,” thought he,
“Have I sensed her swear so strong,
Have I heard her bewail painfully
Have I noticed her agony deep?

No, not, turned I and walked away,
Heartless and sightless instead.
Doubtless couldn’t I be to trust her
 Words hers, sad fell into ears deaf.

Patience from me had absconded
Rage taking reign around in hand
Painted scarlet on her cheeks spongy
That once had blushed in crimson.

Yet, she could withstand things all
For her precious dear, O! No mine too
 From chucking him be an orphan half
And status hers to be my better half.

Softness of slightest degree from me
Might have sought stairs for us to rise;
Spoiled all our tranquil, my suspicion;
Stayed she deaden to my action.

Tasted she bitter the most, my step,
The step of DNA-test for the son,
Packing a very few articles she needed,
Dashed  she to her parents for solace.

This deadly loneliness will kill me
On a recap, look things very lucid;
Yes, you are guiltless, you are my honey,
And you are my own son, little darling.”



  1. fate of suspicious beings is to be always lonely...nice lines...

  2. Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but it gives us time to see how we were to blame. You capture this well.

  3. This is quite a stirring tale.

  4. Well, what's a guy to do? Sometimes he just needs to ask for that DNA test ;-)

  5. Oh what a tale you have told that is ever present today....I think my favorite lines were...

    'Softness of slightest degree from me
    Might have sought stairs for us to rise;'

    These could stand alone for any relationship that is is but a bit of softness we give that can mean all the difference.

  6. yes nice poem one needs to think before uttering anything whatever may be the situation but many times we forget it

  7. Ye tells well what will befall the eternally suspecting

  8. In what should be a trusting relationship,if suspicion makes it entry and goes to unreasonable limits,walking out is sensible.

  9. Suspicion corrupts a relationship and if fuelled by doubt and jealousy, then of course there is no longer any reason to be together. Regret afterwards will not cure the anguish of absence...

  10. കൊള്ളാം നല്ല കവിത .ഇഷ്ടപെപ്ട്ടു.

  11. കൊള്ളാം നല്ല കവിത .ഇഷ്ടപെപ്ട്ടു.

  12. Beautiful. Think before you speak.