Monday, August 8, 2016

Approval !

An enchanting word of eight letters
 As sacred as the holy scriptures
That speak of approval for worthy,
Hums tunes catchy, enlivens minds of all kinds.  
The covert untold crave of man is
Nothing, but, getting approved totally.

 Seek man you, paradigms from Earth,
For a snapshot, click her clean image
In a sheath for safe keep, you encase and 
Place it in shelves of conscience flawless.
Accepts you, she, when mercy you want
Allows in lap she, reside for you all.

Cradles she both, animate and inanimate
No matter you are, if strong or weak
And provides benefits material and eternal
Whoever wants can collect in wallets.
Performing a slow dance on rotating leg
Meets she the needs of her produce entire.

Lights she a lamp of voltage very high
And wipes off deep dark that sky shades
Gives you she, the shower baths awesome
And blows she,air for breath of freshness.
Puts you to sleep, she, in velvety blanket;
This is how displays she concern for you.


  1. beautiful
    last line sums up all
    This is how displays she concern for you.

  2. How we all strive for approval in all that we do! It is a grand thing to have our actions deemed worthy of approval. Beautiful poem and a wonderful word!

  3. Slow dance on rotating legs !!!!

    Lovely poem