Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Contains ,harmony harm,
but in sense it is a balm
soothing the hurts that the humans fetch
for his mates on this pretty planet.

Acts harmony as the panacea
 forthe disorders, the disarrays bring
rousing frenzies in the minds of men
 while keeping  unity seldom.

Devised , Nature itself has,
 accords for the  progeny, her own
 and that too all sorts under the heads,
 animate and inanimate.

Rains looking a set of silver strings
made of strong or light strands,
coolly bathe our Mother Earth
refreshing her giving fervor enough.

Analogous birds from their sheltering shells
 emerge in flocks and rummage around
finding their means of livelihood
from places more remote or near.

Exhibit, elephants difference nil
when travel they forming herds together
 in merriment and hilarity very high
in search of their food and abode.

Fish in shoals and ants in swarm
teach the sharp sapiens that await
chances to cheat his mates;
a lesson moral, in unison, to live .

The concept of ‘unity in diversity’,
having no uniformity, though;
no disintegration, exhibits, the humans
while putting it into willful actions.

The spirit of unanimous  thoughts
 happening in human minds,
for bringing results better
 Well stimulates man.

(An example which points out well
 the unity,  creating and expanding
the friendship here is nothing
but ‘The Poets United’).

for Poets United



  1. love the analogies you've used..."a moral lesson to live in love and unison.' a beautiful thought....

  2. Indeed! Poets United is a perfect example of unity in diversity!

  3. I so love your poem! You say it true: the natural world has an order and a harmonious way of being that humans would do well to emulate.A beautiful write, all the way through, and I love the ending! Smiles. Keep coming back!

  4. Unity in diversity indeed like our India!
    Happy Republic Day.
    Yes, Harmony does contain 'harm'.
    Nicely put.

  5. united in poems
    diverse in thoughts

  6. India is an excellent example of Unity in Diversity.

  7. A Fine tribute to Poets United ... loved your words :-)

  8. you write so well. its really not easy writing poetry. hats off to a beautifully written one

  9. That's a lovely poem to read - thank you for sharing.

  10. Inspiring !
    you have a wonderful way of expressions!
    Harmony is marvelous result of looooong struggle but how easy to dispersed

  11. Actually it is very nice a read. People make groups and get united and I just wish now all those groups get united to make Earth a peaceful biome.