Thursday, March 23, 2017

What has gone Wrong with Kannur!

  It is the English version of my last Malayalam post which depicts the carnage taking place among  political parties. A district named Kannur in Kerala( India) once,known for its beauty and fraternity has become the graveyard of youths of hostile politics.Everyday heart-breaking news reaches the readers and viewers with mass murders. The procedures of punishment take the usual course of long periods, when the murderers spend comfy life in dungeons.

Aw! What is wrong there, Kannur
lost have you, your visual organs?
Smell don’t you the odour of bloodshed
that in red colour flows as rivulets? 

Vanishes the soul of the soil, when
the the place's pretty name, louts stain.
Ah! Kannur natives, open your minds,
isn’t the hue of all blood is red?

Fearing no remorse, rock the rogues. 
and chop into bits the rival’s figure
blotting the quiet existing around
bearing the sign of insolence profuse.

Words of the privileged guide the cohorts
and  on, they take  carnage with full hearts.
Knowing not their deeds’ consequence
in prison they spend their lives’ balance.

“Lying there is neither my kith nor my kin,
needlessly indulge shouldn’t I in the issue!,”
Keeping this thought so brutal in minds,
selfishly ensure their safety, the leaders.

Motionless lies on the chest of the soil
the parents’ dear blood in silence utter.
Can anyone measure the anguish mother’s
when with her, will live no more her son?

Father’s support has faded away
and gone in astray the prop of mother.
As torrents pour down tears in pain
to tear-drenched,changing their visages.

Have attained a stage of numbness
the values, humanity and clemency as well?
Turns scarlet, the terrain entire,
terrible is the scene  one sights there.

In unease and anxiety, leave the vicinity 
aves and animals in search of their perches.
Expresses Nature on face her censure
that packed she has, in her heart.

Unable to eye the unkindest act
escapes Sun striding to west
With a weighty heart full of murk
  slides, he to hide behind sea.

Wreaths displayed, hands folded
tears crocodile's , shed, politics pitiless.
incessantly state the drama,staged, 
oh!True minds if any, prevent kindly this carnage.  


  1. Hari Om
    Oh this is heart-rending Sarala... Politics the world over is descending into chaos, one feels, but when it reaches the level of bloodshed, Mankind has fallen the way of the beasts. YAM xx

  2. All sides use sickle an hammer as their main weapons. Hope this carnage stops soon.

  3. Yes, it is heart wrenching. Sometimes I feel there is no recourse at all the hatred and negativity shown by human beings. Where did the mother of a murderer go wrong in her upbringing?

  4. In unease and anxiety, leave the vicinity
    The aves and animals in search of their perches.
    Unable to eye the unkindest act the Sun
    With heavy heart tries to hide behind the sea.

    Beautiful lines...

  5. thoughtful and beautifully penned

  6. i guess if you change the place name, it s applicable to any city..

  7. It is really sad, but it seems to be happening everywhere in India. Why this hatred among people that too youngsters, one just cannot understand

  8. you have brought out the tragedy really well in your words. it is immensely sad what is happening there. right title for the current situation