Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Teens Today!

This is perhaps a  precis of  one of my malayalam poems.

Prefer don’t the teens today
to act together with elders
for busy they are without pause
with time naught to spend for others.
Sun at dawn gives a call for wakeup 
 peeping through the windows well.
Bid they sure a bye under duress
to their sleep so sheltered warm. 
Without unwrapping the shutters of eyes
choose they still the shelter on bed.
Soft soothing sound from mom
finally attains the form of rebuke.
Routines, after their finishing point
lead the child to studies’ table.                  Bag-loads defeat their body-weight,
dangling on their shoulders down.
Learning is never a tarred road travel,
cross it has to, blockades instead.
In the name of tuition comes
a witch to suck their time so precious.
Time is mean though, find they slot
for their play and pleasures, doubtless.
Sit in silence in front of T.V
or computer or phone in hand.
Devoid they are of devotion to God
and care they not to respect others.
Feel they nil about future far
and pins them nix the past ever.
The world will have to nurture youths
that collects in wallets, apathy set.
Taking no steps to undo unwanted 
think, they not of upshot beyond.
At this point the teachers and parents,
open your eyes and shape the minds.
Let them master the plan of values,
and let them grow as true patriots.