Thursday, November 29, 2018

O, You great Shower!

O, you great shower!
what a striking figure!
stunning and startling
 cool and very chilly,
 joyful to watch and view,
carting the heart and mind
straight to your charisma;
your vigour sure is overt.

 O! My  dear Rain,
stop your game,
enough it is now,
tired of you, we are;
 hurts us your verve,
violently lashing at the windows,
with pity zero in review and
swelling cold everywhere.

We know your might
no need to exhibit;
your flow of force
drowns beings all around,
slides abodes and soil
in an abundant mass;
 not cute in rage are you,
don’t unload your ire on us.


  1. Hari Om
    The blessing and the curse neatly framed in metre! YAM xx

  2. Beautiful poem. Problem if it rains. Problem if it does not rain.

  3. The two faces of the rain beautifully depicted!

  4. Beautiful poem with the effects of rain too

  5. Amazingly writin dear pray!

    You have charming way with words and got skills to express them so nicely!

    Ah here comes the true value of Balance everything we get in life

  6. did she calm down?
    like to think so...

  7. Left to the readers. Thank you, deep.

  8. very nicely sketched with your words