Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rejoice Let us now!

Evaluate let us 
all our deeds
upkeep the deeds
 never blemished,
overlook the ones with blots,
worry not about the past,
 time is fresh and new now,
design a wish list anew.  
Showered on us
 our clan and allies
in the year already bygone,
 greetings as regards and wishes,
to bring in our precious lives
experiences silken. 

Alas! Despite the good wishes,
 on our way, face we had to, 
the bile high of enmity;
passed we, though  through
 storms, showers and thunders,
radiant rays galore were there; 
cherish let us 
the memories sugary,
bury the nightmares 
much scary,
ennoble ourselves 
from the ills and
bow with gratitude 
before the aids.

He!  the New Year has
made its presence,
rejoice let us
at its warmth,
pray to the Mighty
for His blessings;
to be rubbed out 
woes from foes;
with hope and trust 
at the fullest rate
 explore  we can then
a delight from dark,
that often sinks us in
sorrow deep.

 Wish everyone a very friendly, favourable two o nineteen.


  1. i dont think new year is so bright for Keralites out there..

    Alas! Despite the good wishes, reality is to be faced!!

  2. i like the way you wrote "to bring in our lives experience silken"
    wish you all that and more, dear!

  3. I loved the optimism in the second stanza!
    Wish you a happy new year 2019 as well 🙂