Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Rare in Need!


 The 27th of October,2005 was a fine sunny day. As usual I was busy in my class in front of the students. A phone call informed me about the inevitability of my presence at home. Wasting not even a single moment I was on the heels and then on the wheels and reached home. Soon we, the couple found ourselves in the hospital and my husband had to undergo an angioplasty. At nightfall the husband was in  I .C .U and I was in the room allotted. And this was the time when I really longed for the visit of this guest. I wished very badly  to be with this guest for I expected that this guest would soothe me in a soft gentle way. But not a distant trace I could view, as if this guest purposefully kept me away.

Can anybody guess who this guest is? This guest is none  other than the VVIP(Very Valuable Intimate Part) of our life ‘The Great Sleep’. [Sleep is a state or condition of our body and mind which remain relaxed and inactive during this process]. I would like to personify it, since in it I find more fun. Sleep is a boon for many people for he visits them regularly every night, when they really yearn for his company. He entertains those people in the form of a nap, whenever they feel so. At the same time he becomes a bane for many others, as he sometimes pays untimely visits to them and interferes with  their day today activities. We consider the sleep as a very important guest, since his presence is the part and parcel of our life.. He can to a certain extent console and comfort us in our worries, tension, tiredness, loneliness, fatigue(both mental and physical),  monotony, anxiety etc. But instead of allowing us to lie in his lap at this time, he remains far from us with a snigger on the face. In fact he deserts us from his reach, leaving us in unwanted rubbish thoughts.
If this guest visits  and remains with us in our need for a while,  we may feel a weight off our head. If at all he is gracious enough to be with us, he moves away from us at the slightest sound of even a pin-drop. When we want to be away from him while reading and driving, sure he visits  many of us putting the person who drives in jeopardy. He puts himself in many fancy- dress forms, while looming in our eyes. In insomnia dress, he troubles  some  people by being an irregular visitor, whereas for some others, in hypersomnia dress, he appears to be a disturbance. Yet another form of dress is there throwing the sleeper in danger. In it sometimes he goes to the extent of tarnishing the image of the person concerned, as he indulges in interfering even in others’ sleeps. And in a third form namely  the famous- can we say famous? let it be notorious- the notorious somnambulism, the sleeper walks in sleep in a dreamy way. The sleeper is unaware of his body that is in action, as the actor Mr.  Jayaram does in a motion picture.

 Always he is not so playful as to keep himself away from us. Sometimes he seriously  blesses us with his company providing much pleasure in leisure. He prefers youngsters to old age people and any amount of time he is ready to spend with the former, though he  keeps neither any gender discrimination nor any age group difference in entertaining people.  The sleep gives people his companionship in various ways say sound sleep, distracted sleep, nap, dozing and so on. The nature of sleep depends upon the condition of the body ,mind and circumstances of the sleeper. Some people declare his presence by attracting the orchestra- snoring, whispering, dialogue etc.- while some others engage themselves in some incoherent conversation. It is  interesting to watch the mode and method of sleep a sleeper attains, as a few keep their mouths wide open and a few others extend their tongue beyond lips.

He, the sleep is very clever because he inclines towards the people who are comfortable at  their physique and psyche. He exhibits  no reluctance in approaching them, as he doesn’t have to exert much pressure here. Mostly he doesn’t like to be with ailing people, as they may remain noisy by  uttering screams of pain. But always he is not so merciless, as at times he passes his time with the needy. In fact some needy ones drive him away by being immersed in unwanted thoughts and feelings. And yet such people blame him saying ‘sleep is far away, sleep is far away’. It is your own fault, not his. You drive away your baseless thoughts if you want to embrace him. And he will stroke you lovingly. Good health, good food, good thoughts, good work and above all good spirit will bring the sleep beside you. He will turn to be ‘A Guest that Cares, but not Rare in Need.’