Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teaching is a Refreshing Tea.

Teaching  profession should aim at determination, dedication,devotion and discipline leading  to moulding the future of children and thus that of the country, according to me and so am I a teacher.
Eagerness, wherever and whenever a teacher feels,he/she should try the maximum to satisfy the person concerned.
Advice when required, should be poured by  a teacher.

Care is another quality of a teacher and every teacher should  take care of the taught.
Activity- promotion from the teacher's side ends in effective teaching.
.Kindling the spark already in children will produce a wide flame of enthusiasm and regular monitoring with complimentary words create a zeal in children's minds.
Energizing the situation through informal chit- chat etc.turns the atmosphere conducive for learning and all these contribute to 'Tea and Cake' to refresh the young minds as 'teacher' has 'tea' with her.  


  1. Seems like you are a teacher - your passion for your job clearly reflects in your post...

    Liked knowing you :)

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    2. Teacher is a correct presumption.