Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stain in Relationship when Strained!

‘Can relationship be like a tea- stain? Why or why not?’
Preeti Shenoy

  Strained Relationship, a Discolor!

Of course, relationship sometimes turns to be a stain or like a tea- stain, when it gets strained. As ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ every shining thing has a shady area. Relationships are refreshing the mind, energizing the body and entertaining the participants. Relationships vary from place to place and person to person.
Some people attribute much value and worth to their relationships and they keep them like diamonds very dear in value. Some others take them as time- pass games leaving no marks of attachment  in their judgment. Relationships may be of various kinds as deep, shallow, intimate ,superficial , sincere, name-sake and the like. Sole dependence on one another for everything may bring much frequency in association. And this in turn may spoil the sweetness ,as ‘Too much is always too bad’. Eventually in this condition of the relationship one may bolt out the other, creating a blot in his character. Here the relationship becomes strained and imprints between them a stain like tea- stain, which, if needed, with immediate cleaning( arriving at a compromise) can be cleared off. 



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    1. Thank you.The seed is sown by you only.


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    1. Thank you.Your works are a magic of wonderful words that lead the readers to refer glossary.

  3. A very diplomatic view to the topic. Nice read :)

  4. Thank you. Your poems in Hindi are meaningful. February posts I couldn't follow.